How To Shoot a Recurve Crossbow

How To Shoot a Recurve Crossbow

A reliable, durable, lightweight and fastest crossbow with a longer power stroke is no other than a recurve, which also stands as the most basic form of crossbows. Preferred mainly by serious hunters who like challenging games, these crossbows are simple yet demand great precision. With all wooden frames, these crossbows have just one string connected, and two limbs positioned horizontally on the stock and barrel. The ‘S’ form of its limbs, which curve outward from the rear of the bow before recurving back toward it, gives recurve crossbows their distinctive moniker.

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A recurve crossbow is preferred over other crossbows due to its simple build yielding great powers. In addition, with its simple design, using and shooting the recurve crossbow is more straightforward and hassle-free. Following these quick and easy steps, you can start your hunting practice with a recurve crossbow in no time.

Setting up the Recurve Crossbow

Recurve crossbows are the simplest form of crossbows that require minimal assembly. There are no cams or pulley systems, and only one string is attached to the recurved limbs. This allows most hunters to replace the bowstring quickly when needed. Straight out of the box, the recurve crossbow comes with manual instruction that has a step-by-step guide to placing the parts and securing them with screws. While setting up the recurve crossbow, make sure to loosely secure the screws in place without damaging any part.

Cocking the String of Recurve Crossbow

The first step after getting the recurve crossbow ready is to cock the string in its place. This can be done using a rope cocker which reduces the effort it takes to draw the bowstring. The recurve crossbows usually feature a grove on the stock, which allows placing the cocking rope. First, secure the crossbow by placing your foot over the stirrup on the ground. Next, put the rope cocker over the groove with hooks hanging downwards. Now pass the hooks from the string and pull the string upwards until the end of the groove. Remove the hooks once the string is latched.

Loading the Bolt of Recurve Crossbow

After cocking the string, the crossbow becomes ready to fire. The next step is loading the bolt in place. Remove one bolt from the quiver and gently slide the bolt into the flight rail of the crossbow till the back with the odd-colored vane down. Once the bolt is in place, it will click and engage the safety feature. Most recurve crossbows come equipped with this feature as it helps prevent auto-firing, which can often lead to mishaps when ignored. While doing so, make sure your hands are away from the string.

Sighting and Aiming of Recurve Crossbow

After loading the bolt in the crossbow, you must ensure perfect sighting to aim at your target. Mostly, the crossbows come equipped with a scope sighting that is calibrated 20-40 yards. Consequent to checking the distance, align your position and posture straight. With a non-dominant hand, secure the crossbow from beneath the surface, placing your fingers away from the string. On the other hand, grip the trigger without exerting any force. Next, rest the crossbow’s buttstock with your shoulder and cheek and further adjust the sighting according to your eye level. Doing so will have your perfect stance and posture in place before actually engaging with the target.

Shooting the Recurve Crossbow

With everything in place, it’s time to engage the recurve crossbow and fire towards the best crossbow bag targets. To shoot, first, disengage the safety mechanism by switching it to the “fire” mode. Next, position yourself like you practiced and hold your crossbow firmly with both hands in place. Next, aim at the target and start pulling the trigger slowly all the way back. This will release the string back to its place, and the bolt will travel with the power exerted by the string. To follow up with another shot, repeat the same steps from step 2, i.e., by cocking your recurve bow and loading the bolt.

Final Verdict

Recurve crossbows are distinctive from compound crossbows which generally integrate a cams system instead of simple curved limbs to power the flight. These crossbows are easy to maneuver and require fewer accessories with their simple wooden frame. Like any other crossbow, shooting the recurve crossbow also follows similar steps and processes. In conclusion, whether you are a hunting enthusiast or a beginner stepping up your game in the field, the above-mentioned stages offer excellent guidance to shooting the recurve crossbow without prior experience.


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