E2 Armory Review

E2 Lower Review

E2 Armory is an all-American rifle kit specialist and producer of high-quality firearm components. Which is all fair and well, if you’re E2’s publicist. But how do their components stack up under pressure? Are they all high-quality, or do some fail to deliver? That’s what we’ll be taking a closer look at today.

Spoiler alert: all of them performed wonderfully.

Alright, let’s get to it.

AR-15 Uppers

Your receiver is the center component you’ll be building your entire AR-15 around. It consists of an upper and lower receiver. The lower parts are serialized for tracking and recording purposes. The upper receiver is joined by a lower, forming the rest of the construction by fixing components and addons to the complete assembly.

AR-15 assembly configurations usually come available in A1, A2, A3, and A4 varieties. Each of these categories comes with its own unique yard values, torque speeds, and design specifications. All of which is to say that, no matter what your preferences are, there’s an assembly to match your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the AR-15 Upper available from E2 Armory.

The A2 Upper Receiver From E2 Armory

When it comes to firearm builds, there’s nothing better than an awesome, fully mechanized hard-coated anodized military upper. It’s a sign of quality and, for that classic M16 look, it’s an authentic component that looks as good as it performs. E2 Armory’s precision machine work from an Aerospace 7075 aluminum alloy forge, makes for a customizable component that is completely durable and wear-resistant.

Upon delivery, the upper components are 100% ready for use in conjunction with any combination of barrels, carriers, bolts, and bottoms. Its highly customizable construction is a big part of why these builds are so popular, featuring cuts to mount A2 rear sights on as well. An A2 carrying handle styling adds to its ease of use. The housing’s shell deflection, front support housing, and added space for installing an ejection port cover all come together to provide all the space you need.

Next is the question of looks, and this has looks to spare. Flat black dye, a non-reflective acetate nickel seal, and a hard anodized coating create a product that looks sleek and professional. Add to that the laser-marked E2 logo and a wide range of colors, and you’ve got a product that looks flat out awesome in any build.

The upper receiver line from E2 features a Kaiser chemical composition, certified 7075 aluminum, and full compatibility with lower Mil-Spec AR-15 platform receivers. This all comes together to create a truly versatile build experience.

Bolt Carrier Groups

Bolt carrier groups are built out of several key parts, including:

● screw
● gas tap
● launch pin
● extractor
● cam pin

The group is located inside the upper receiver, and actually performs a number of different jobs crucial to the operation of your firearm. It’s responsible for replacing rounds, performing the standard cycling of the firearm, extracting the remaining brass, and resetting the hammer. It’s a central component in building the weight and mass that factors into the operation of your firearm, although that’s far from the only element it has an effect on. The elevation of your snout and the recoil are also heavily influenced by your BCG, making this easily one of the most important elements in your build, moving forward.

With so much resting on the performance of your BCG, it is important to invest in the right group for your specific needs. And, like any good mechanical component, it’s important to get yours from a trusted name in the industry.

E2 Review

E2 Review

BCGs from E2

There is a reason why the bolt group is so often referred to as the “lifeline” of the AR-15 build. It is the make-or-break element responsible for whether your firearm actually fires. Take it away, and your weapon will stop working. You need the best product for your money. That’s important, and that’s a BCG from E2 Armory.

Designed specifically for the AR-15 and M16 versions, the E2 premium group construction features truly high-end assembly quality. After installing my BCG, I could almost feel the precise firing bolts and high-end gas wrenches the more I used my firearm. That’s the level of workmanship that applies to these components and, with the 9310 alloys and laser engraving, the piece also looked great.

Where you see the value of a well-designed piece like these is definitely long-term, which, unfortunately, makes it difficult to review at this time. However, what I can say about the E2 product is that it features precision machining of 9310 alloys for such a solid construction that it can really be seen working at the same level, in the coming years. Add to that your extensive test and MPI tests, and you will generally get a reliable product.

The addition of solid steel corrosion gas rings and a mechanized carrier, as well as its heat-treated boron nickel construction all, distinguish it from your groups, bringing guns to life. With gas keys installed with Permatex Aviation sealants, tightened to 55 foot-pounds, this rifle component is not only solid but built by a company with a deep love of firearms. And isn’t that exactly what you want from a firearm build?

AR-15 Lower Receivers

In the quest to build the latest and best AR-15 possible, we’re all just gun enthusiasts wearing our hearts on our sleeves. To do it right, though, it’s important to realize you’ll have many directions available to you. Custom accessories and add-ons, high-quality parts, and components that are meant for everyone from people who want a lighter build to left-handed shooters open up your possibilities a lot. But, by and large, the part of your AR-15 build that matters most has to be the lower receiver.

That’s why it’s vital to invest in precision parts. If you want better, more reliable performance, a robust E2 Armory lower receiver provides this durability. With its construction from the Aerospace 7075 aluminum alloy forge, this high-performance component puts the perfect edge on your AR-15 construction.

This AR-15 lower’s general abrasion resistance and rough finish mean it’s ready to take any punishment you have to throw at it. It will continue to look great for many years into its lifetime. And, because durability is clearly important, that kind of construction can’t be second-guessed. But what about looks? Building your own firearm is about more than sticking to what’s reliable, but we all want something that looks good, too. And E2’s awesome lower receiver gives you the looks and maneuverability to create a firearm that looks how you want it to look.

There’s the cutting-edge precision magazine, precisely machined for quick changes and a Kaiser chemical composition certification, and this is a quality product for gun builders of all abilities.


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