How to Buy Used Glass Table Top? Pros & Cons

How to Buy Used Glass Table Top

In any circumstances, glass adds a certain character to your home or office space. It has a versatility to it that allows it to be used for any kind of furniture or home design. You can decorate every corner of your house with glass, and regardless of what kind of styling you have done in your home, as glass and mirror items have the ability to go with every kind of setting and nothing looks out of place.

Used glass table tops for sale

Now you can find cheap used glass table tops for sale or buy glass table top online easily by just search through the internet.

At the same time, there are different glass materials that affect the price rate, making it either pricey or affordable. Your options for the kind of glass material you want are broad, to say the least. Doubly so if you’re looking for used glass tabletops.

While they’re refurbished and have the same shine as a newly made glass tabletop, as they have been through use before, the cost is lessened a little. It’s probably this knowledge that led you to search for used glass tabletop anyway. We will answer all your curiosity about them today.

Used Glass Table Top

Used Glass Table Top

Cost of Glass Table Top

It’s hard to put a specific price on cheap glass table tops. A lot of it depends on the size, quality of the material along with whether it is a newly crafted glass or a refurbished glass.

Even when a glass is renovated, it could cost more than a freshly crafted glass material because of the thickness and size. Alternatively, it could cost way less because of how thin it is.

The price also depends on the manufacturers’ own decisions. If you buy glass for table, you can already see the price. If you buy used glass table top but order glass for table to be custom-made, the price range can differ a lot because of the reputation of the manufacturer and the kind of pay they are willing to settle for.

Naturally, companies with colossal brand ranking cost more than the local or relatively lesser-known ones.

Glass Table Top

Glass Table Top

Size of Glass Table Top, how thick should a glass table top be?

The size of the glass tabletop depends on the kind of furniture you’re using it for. ⅛ and ¼ thickness glass are thin and lightweight and used for all types of table protector & covers to support them. A glass with 5/32 thickness would be ideal for a kitchen table or even countertops.

Alternatively, for patio tables, side tables, extra glass protective covers, you can opt for 3/16 glass thickness. ⅜ thickness is used when the glass is the only thing covering the tabletop, and there is no wooden support.

The same applies to ½ thickness. For ¾ thickness, again, glass is the only matter, and it’s much stronger.

The Material of Glass Table Top

The material you use for your glass tabletop decides exactly how your glass would look. The color, transparency changes a lot depending on the material. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Our first choice for any glass table top would always be tempered glass. This kind of glass has been heated longer than standard glass to provide it with extra strength and support.

When a glass of this material is broken, it dissolves into tiny pieces instead of the sharper, larger ones.

It means that when your kids are playing around a tempered glass top table, and they accidentally break the glass, they won’t be harmed by it as they would have been by clear glass. The shards won’t cut into the skin the same way. For the most part, tempered glass is harder to break.

In reality, you don’t need tempered glass for tabletops. However, it’s always better to be cautious and not play with the safety of your family.

  1. Clear Glass
Clear Glass Table

Clear Glass Table

It is the standard glass, the one that would usually be delivered to you if you went to order glass without specifying a type. The iron content is heavy in this glass, so there is a slight greenish tint that’s visible if looked at from a certain angle.

  1. Tinted Glass Table Tops
Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass isn’t different from clear glass except for the fact that it is colored instead of providing pure transparency. A colored producing ingredient is mixed to achieve this, and it doesn’t affect other properties of glass in any way.

  1. Frosted Glass Table Tops
Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is made with the method of acid etching. It lessens the transparency of glass and creates a slightly rougher and pitted surface. It can be colored if you want.

These are all the main types of glass you would usually use for the tabletop. They have further varieties of colors and kinds of frosted surfaces you want.

The Pros and Cons of Used Glass Table Top

The positive and negative sides of glass table tops are the same as the regular tabletops. The only notable difference might be the price, which is relatively less. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons.

The Pros

  1. The Protective Covering

One of the primary reasons people even opt for a glass tabletop in the first place is to cover the wooden surface below.

Especially if you have a business that involves meeting with people at the end of a table regularly, glass covering helps prevent scratches from appearing on wooden tables.

As glass tops are easier to clean, scratches or stains can be removed faster than those on a wood surface.

As for home, say you have antique wooden pieces of furniture you don’t want anyone to touch, not even yourself, glass tabletop is an excellent choice.

  1. Adds Aestheticism to a Place

The glass fits any interior decoration. They exude a certain charm and elegance and give a professional and modern look to a place. For office tables, a glass tabletop is a must. At home, coffee tables and dining tables look regal when they have the glass covering.

  1. Has Low Maintenance

You only need a washcloth and some water to clean up a glass tabletop. After you’re done eating and have spilled coffee or other beverages, unlike wood, you don’t need to search for cleaning products. One wash of the water, and it stays shining as ever.


  1. Requires Regular Cleaning

While cleaning glass is easy; it does require proper attention. Glass surfaces acquire dust quickly. Beverages spilled will leave stains, sometimes you see marks of fingerprints and so on. Compared to wood or other materials, it’s visible prominently because of the transparent surface.

  1. Regular Glass Tops Can Be Dangerous

This is related to why we recommend tempered glass. Glass is a brittle material. If you have a pet or kid at home, the chances of them getting injured increase a little with glass tabletops and other glass materials around the house. Pets don’t necessarily understand what glass is to stay away from it.

As for kids, even if you tell them why they should be careful around certain household items, if they are too young, their rowdiness leads them not to heed any warnings. They can also get hurt by the corners of a glass table while playing.

The best option, in this case, would be to opt for oval or rounded glass tabletops. You can also choose ones that have a duller corner finish.

  1. Can be Expensive

As we have stated before, this depends entirely on the kind of glass material that is used for this purpose. Despite being furnished, used glass can be costly depending on the thickness. Tempered glass also costs a bit more than clear or other glass types. Of course, we wouldn’t want to play with safety for the price alone.

Where To Buy Used Glass Table Top?

Finding the right refurbished glass tabletop isn’t as hard as one thinks it is. A lot of online companies polish and redraft old glass to fit new designs. These aren’t in any way lesser than the newly made glass material. It could be stronger, depending on how well it has been polished.

Sell glass table tops

There are many places that sell glass table tops which you can find by searching on the internet. You can customize your glass tabletop by choosing a shape, glass type, thickness, edging, and finishing. Many people set up garage sales, which are another wonderful option to get the used tabletops on sale.

Some online vendors even have a 10 percent price beat scheme, which guarantees they will give every purchase at a 10 percent discount if the same material with the same pricing could be found at another shop, as long as you inform them within 30 days.

To get an idea of where you can get the used glass table tops from, you can visit different websites and have a chat with the people available on their sites who are offering these services. Used glass table tops are in high demand, so we wouldn’t recommend waiting for too long to order one, especially if you want one from the ready-made stock.

Also, you can search online with “used glass table tops for sale” or “where can I buy a glass table top” to find more online stores or local boutiques.



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