What You Should Know About a Cat Collar

What You Should Know About a Cat Collar

There are different reasons why you should put a collar on your cat. Anyway, not all models can be comfortable for your pet. These felines are very maniacal animals, so when deciding which pet collar to put on them, you should make a conscious purchase. First, there are certain matters that you should know and that in these lines we are going to clarify.

To locate it when it goes for a walk so that it can enter through its cat flap, to deworm its body of pests, or, simply, so that your kitten is more beautiful than it already is. There are multiple reasons why you may want to buy a cat collar. And for the purchase to be successful and fulfill its function, in the following lines we are going to guide you.

How should I put a collar on my cat so that it does not pinch its neck?

To make it comfortable and safe for your cat, when you go to put on a pet collar, make sure that there is a distance of between two and three fingers between the accessory and your pet’s body. The objective is that it does not squeeze him and that, at the same time, it is not easy for him to put his legs in the gap that remains. Also, make it more difficult for it to catch on an external object.

How can I put a collar on my cat for the first time without it being annoying?

Cat Collar

Cat Collar

For a cat, a collar can be an intrusive item. Especially if your pet is already an adult. Remember that these animals have a hard time adapting to the news since they love their routines and habits. Therefore, if you see that he does not want his collar, but you need to put one on him, follow a few steps so that your cat does not find it too invasive an object:

  • Allow your cat to smell and become familiar with the object before putting it on his body. You can place him in places that he likes, like his bed.
  • When putting the collar on the neck, choose a time of day when your pet is calm and relaxed. Avoid those moments when the cat is more alert and its hunting instincts are on the surface because it will feel like an attack.
  • The first time you put the collar on, leave it on for a few minutes and then take it off. Each day, increase the number of minutes worn around the neck until you feel comfortable.
  • You can treat him to a small prize, such as a treat.
  • Make sure that the necklace, as we have already mentioned, is between two and three fingers away from the body.
  • Keep it up until you see the comfortable cat. If you see that it does not adapt as much as you want, you must respect your pet, and desist in your attempt.
  • And in general, be patient.

These objects are controversial. There are sectors that consider that putting a collar on a cat is uncomfortable and unnecessary for the animal, so they advocate looking for other less invasive formulas. On the other hand, there are those who believe that for cats it is not annoying and for humans, it can be useful, if only for aesthetics.



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