A text to bring you a better understanding of the dog

Better understanding of the dog

Where do dogs come from

Evolved from wolves, which are gentle.

From the perspective of safety, people chose relatively docile wolves and let them mate, thus giving birth to the man’s best friend, the dog pets.

Dogs have been man’s friend since 10,000 years ago

In some 12,000-year-old ruins in Jordan in the Middle East, older men and young dogs (presumably) were buried. We know from some similar discoveries that dogs have been living with humans since at least 10,000 years ago.

It is well known that the ancestors of dogs werewolves. Although wolves live by attacking other animals and have an aggressive character, some wolves are gentle and close to people. In domesticating such wolves, the man noticed their advantages, such as being able to help in hunting and informing danger with their barks, so man chose wolves that were easy to domesticate and allowed them to mate. In turn, the dog, a friend of man, was born.

Dogs are always children.

So what kind of wolves should be chosen for mating? We need to choose the type with a weak tendency to attack and does not want to run away from humans when they are close. Although wild animals live in a cruel world of the weak and the strong, the pups are not aggressive and are easier to get close to humans. It can be said that the dog’s birth highlights the childlike side of the animal.

Moreover, the young pups inspire more human maternal love

, and thus the hearts of dogs and humans are more closely linked together. Dogs have a residual wildness.

Humans have bred many kinds of dogs through artificial breeding to make flexible use of the dog’s ability in many ways. In this process, the wildness of the wolf era was gradually lost, yet there are exceptions like the hound. It is because humans use the predatory instinct of wolves and let hounds help humans in hunting, so they relatively retain their wildness.

The little secret of keeping peace among dog packs

The little secret of keeping peace among dog packs

The little secret of keeping peace among dog packs

Inherited the habit of “ranking.”

Wolves live in packs, and to carry out collective activities smoothly, they will divide the ranks to live in a coordinated manner. Dogs, which evolved from wolf mating, inherit this characteristic to maintain the peace and coexistence of their kind.

The existence of hierarchy in wolf packs

Although the wildness of the wolf era has become diluted, the basic life pattern of wolves as fellow canids has been inherited in the bloodline of dogs from generation to generation.

Wolves live in the big family of wolf packs, and their movements and hunting are carried out as a pack. For this large collective to move orderly, leadership and discipline are needed. For this reason, wolves are divided into a pack leader and wolves that follow orders and are in an inferior position, and this system is similar to a class system. This system is similar to a hierarchical system, in which wolves have a clear hierarchy among themselves to suppress fighting among their peers and work together to hunt efficiently.

Dogs also judge the strength of their masters.

The domestic dogs bred by humans inherited the ranking habits of the wolf era intact. From puppyhood, dogs show differences between siblings in terms of superiority and inferiority, and when they encounter dogs in their neighborhoods on walks, they also rank each other. If there is no hierarchy, dogs will be in the predicament of fighting nearby dogs throughout the year.

In the case of domestic dogs, because people are part of the pack. In most cases, dogs will look to the physically larger person and appear stronger than they are as the alpha. However, this is not always the case. It is the same between dogs. Not only physically strong is the condition to be the leader. Just like humans, if there is no strength to lead their kind, the person who is no longer strong will not be recognized as the leader.

Why do so many people like to have a dog

Why do so many people like to have a dog

Why do so many people like to have a dog

Sending 100% love and loyalty to the owner

Dogs are trustworthy to their masters and have a strong love and dependence on them, just like their mothers.

Missing their masters as much as their mothers

The dog’s charm is ultimately in the gratuitous love and trust for the owner, right? Although the dog shows love to its master, it does not expect anything in return but wants to spend time with its master with its deep love and affection.

It is said that a dog’s love and trust for its master includes a feeling of “thinking of its master as a mother.” Even after being separated from its mother, the dog, who is always a child, will look to its owner for that emotional connection with its mother. Moreover, the owner also responded to the dog’s feelings of longing with motherly love so that the bond between each other’s hearts became stronger and stronger.

The feeling of missing the mother, in a sense, can also be called dependence. If the owner’s love is slightly off the normal track, it will also cause the dog to overly depend on the owner. Even if you always care for your pups, a loving mother will, at a certain point, coldly push them away and let them stand on their own. It is also necessary for the owner to maintain a balance of love and severity, just like the mother dog.

Trusting others as you would the alpha of a wolf pack

Another factor that binds the owner and the dog is the deep trust that the dog has in the owner as of the alpha.

The dog retains a wolf-era heart, i.e., unconditional trust in the leader. For this reason, once the master is identified as the leader, the dog will faithfully obey the master’s orders. Moreover, this deep trust in the master can also settle the dog’s heart.

The dog has no malice. It does not understand the betrayal of human society and harbors a heartfelt love and trust for its master. The owner also wants to respond to this same heart of the dog to be a good mother or a good chief.

The secret to raising a good puppy

Give your dog the space to fully develop its personality from a young age

Choosing the right method to give full play to the puppy’s personality, together with the owner’s careful upbringing, you can develop a good puppy.

Breeders should carefully observe the dog’s personality

People who have several dogs should be able to practically feel how different dogs’ personalities are from each other. Even a dog trained from all aspects and whose movements are directed by people, its subtle movements and eyes, etc., can show its personality very well.

Although there are a variety of personalities such as extroverted, introverted, and docile, dogs can be broadly classified into two main categories: obedient and aggressive. The obedient dog, with who can be close, as opposed to this, the psychology of guarding the master will become weak. Although it is not very close to people other than the owner, the aggressive dog is very loyal to the owner.

This dog’s character is formed due to the original genetic factors plus the influence of the environment. It is said that the individual personality traits become apparent three weeks after birth. In the future, when you want to breed a dog, please try to identify the dog’s personality to some extent as possible, and it is best to choose a dog that fits both the purpose of breeding and the living environment and family environment.

The environment during the growing-up period also affects the dog’s personality.

A puppy’s innate temperament can also change dramatically due to the owner’s breeding methods. Even if a dog is originally docile and unrecognizable, it will gradually become avoidant of human contact if it does not have much contact with other people as a puppy. Another example is that even if a dog is aggressive and full of confidence, it will gradually become obedient if the owner always treats it harshly. As soon as the owner’s reprimand sounds, it will become fearful. The owner must look carefully at the dog’s innate personality to carry out better control.

Why the dog becomes more and more like its owner

Why the dog becomes more and more like its owner

Why the dog becomes more and more like its owner

Selecting and training the ideal type of dog

The owner will be similar to the beloved dog’s personality because the owner likes to select a dog with a similar personality to his own and because of the owner’s careful training and teaching of the dog.

Similarities attract each other.

The owner and his dog will be somewhat similar in personality and actions. The owner with a casual personality, his beloved dog, is carefree; the owner with an enthusiastic and spirited personality, his dog, will also like to get into mischief …… These things about the owner and the dog are similar and can be found in our lives as examples.

Although owners and dogs are incredibly similar, owners originally love dogs that seem to resonate with them. Although dogs have different personalities due to the breed and the dog itself, owners will unconsciously pick their favorite type.

In addition, the owner training the dog will also make the dog to a certain extent, the behavior becomes close to the owner’s requirements, which is one of the reasons.

We are trying to raise it to be the ideal dog.

It seems that humans have more or less the idea of “I want you to be like this” and “such a dog is my ideal dog” for their beloved dogs. Because of this, owners tend to train their dogs in the direction they want them to go.

If the actions of humans and dogs match each other well, they will have a very good relationship. However, sometimes the owner’s mood and the dog’s behavior can diverge. For example, the owner wants to spend some quiet time, but the dog is always noisy, no matter how much the owner reprimands it. In this case, the owner may think, “This dog is too much to handle.

If you think a dog is bad just because you don’t get along with it or wrong in terms of manners or rules, then the dog may be too sad because the dog’s personality will also reflect the owner’s thoughts.

Why do dogs sometimes disobey their owners?

They will think they are the boss.

Dogs do not obey the owner’s orders because they think they are the boss, and the reason for this sense is that the owner is too spoiled for them.

Is it natural to listen to their owners?

One of the most impressive things about dogs is their loyalty to their owners. While this is true for most dogs, there are times when dogs defy their owners – barking at them, biting them, ignoring their commands, and wreaking havoc on the house – making it difficult for owners. If it is just embarrassment is fine. If the dog is bitten and so there is a risk of injury.

Think they are the boss

The owner of the problem of puppies, and do not think that the owner is the dog’s leader, put themselves into a superior position than the owner. It believes that humans are inferior creatures, if necessary, to bark at them to show intimidation so that humans understand the relationship between the superior and inferior. Just because they are in a superior position, so do what they want to do. As a matter of course, there is no need to listen to the orders issued by inferior creatures.

Because the dog also classifies the owner’s family into a hierarchy, depending on the classification method, the dog will change its attitude depending on the object. For example, if the dog determines that the master is the first, he is the second, and his wife is the third, he will treat his master with loyalty but will disobey his wife, who is in a lower position.

Owners involuntarily too spoiled dog, or the dog’s attitude is sometimes good or bad, it is easy to make the dog wrong their position, especially those with a strong desire to dominate the dog.

Dogs that think they are in a dominant position compared to their owners, even if they are professionally trained and submissive in front of their trainers, will mostly remain the same when they return home.

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