Five Reasons A Pug Dog Might Be the Best Breed for You

Five Reasons A Pug Dog Might Be the Best Breed for You

When you think of the cutest dogs around, a pug is one of the first thoughts that come to mind. With a wrinkled face, flat snout, and large ball eyes, you have to fall in love with a pug. This breed has a history going back to 700 BC in Imperial China, where it originated. In the 16th century, the Pug was imported to England, where the breed soon became famous as a lapdog for both celebrities and royals.

Many people who love pets have beautiful pet art in their homes, from sculptures, clothing, and wall art like pug posters. Here are five reasons why this adorable and amicable furry creature might be the best breed for you.

Natural Cuddlers

A Pug breed is easy to bond with and has a high affectionate characteristic. It is your go-to breed for cuddling as a dog, and they don’t shy away from expressing themselves, often comical and exuberant creatures. Although Pugs are very social and energetic, they love to sleep more than the average dog; they sleep as much as cats. Their playful and affectionate trait makes them good family dogs, especially with children.

Smart, Observant, and Fast Learners

A Pug is a fast learning, observant, and intelligent breed to have, and these traits make it an easily trainable dog. On the other hand, they can quickly learn where to find treats and toys hidden from them. Given the opportunity, intelligent dogs tend to be mischievous, and so does a Pug, and sometimes they can show a stubborn side when they are not appropriately trained. Training pug puppies may seem daunting at first, but with enough patience and perseverance, your efforts shall be rewarded.


If you share accommodation with roommates or live in an apartment environment, a pug is an ideal breed to pet. They are low maintenance, seldom bark much, and spend a bulk of time napping. Their coarse hair tends to shed, and because they are affectionate breeds who enjoy the attention, regular grooming with a good brush should be easy.

Just Enough Exercise

Pugs generally have a petite stature and need just the right amount of exercise. To encourage optimum physical and mental health, they need to be on a regular exercise regime like daily walking for about twenty minutes. Exercising keeps them happy and entertained, and draining enough energy keeps them on their best behavior and not much left to get up to mischief. With an aggressive appetite, exercising your Pug manages the weight while keeping treats at a low minimum.

Great for All Ages

Pug dogs aren’t just adorably animated-looking pups as they are also suitable pets for all ages. Even though they are relatively energetic and playful, they are suitable for seniors due to low maintenance needs and they are generally a laid-back breed despite their playful nature; many other breeds are simply too active for seniors.

At the same time, the pugs’ compatibility with older individuals also means they are suitable for young children. Moreover, pugs are not a known aggressive breed, suggesting they will make a great choice of companion for all ages.



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