Bowfishing Crossbows

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Bowfishing Crossbows. What is bowfishing?

It is a type of hunting wherein you use the archery form, be it a normal bow or a crossbow for species like fish, that lie inside the water bodies such as freshwater rivers, lakes or sea. This has largely become a trending recreational activity for the youth in the recent time. The crossbows which are deployed for this activity are known as bowfishing crossbows.

Bowfishing Crossbows: In-depth

The bowfishing has very fastly garnered a lot of fans for itself in a quick turn around time and the fanbase spans both the genders. With this ever-growing numbers of bowfishing lovers, it is very much important for the passionate ones to know that the normal crossbows aren’t going to be an effective choice for this sport. There are specialized crossbows manufactured and sold in the market, which tackle the gaps that an otherwise use of normal crossbows would result. Ammo i.e. bolts, in this case, is built in such a way that they are strong and heavy so that they would immerse into the water towards the target without the concern of losing the energy due to water resistance. The arrows are actually barbed to meet this purpose and won’t easily twist or bend upon hitting the surface of the water. The widely known AMS retriever system comes with reels that are used to give the crossbow, the ability to fire at the fish and at the same time, to retrieve the fish that have been hit.

What is so interesting about them?

You would be spellbound by the features that each of the manufacturers incorporates into bowfishing crossbows. For example, the Parker Stingray has many things that can leave its user just spellbound. They utilize EZ pull system that cuts down the hardships of cocking the crossbow down to half.

Alongside it, the crossbow can be used for both freshwater and saltwater hunting. A good choice of bowfishing crossbow would be the one that will allow you to hold and fire arrows comfortably. This sport intensively requires you to fire arrows at the fish which actually move swiftly. There is no second thought on aiming very accurately.

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