You’re too awesome to drink any cup of polluted water. You can help yourself by getting a water filter, or consistently maintaining it if you have one already. Either way, the goal is that you drink water that is void of particles, bacteria, or chlorine.

However, maintaining a water filter is not too expensive if you follow the nuggets shares in this article. Meanwhile, you can check this one of the best water filters around.

How to Maintain Your Water Filter in Seven Ways

● Read and Follow the Water Filter Manual

There is always a guide that accompanies a new water filter package. This manual contains everything you need to know about the dispatched water filter. Some water filtration systems have specific conditions for maintenance, one of them is the reverse osmosis filtration system. You need to know the system that works for you. It is important to read it from the ‘assembling stage’ to the ‘troubleshooting’ stage. You might need to learn how to troubleshoot when there’s a problem.

● Monitor your filter

You should always keep an eye on anything that involves your water filter. As part of the maintenance job, you should monitor the quality of every part of your filter; it will definitely affect the taste, color, and odor of the water. While monitoring the parts, you should also consistently check out the performance of your filter system.

● Replace your water filter when necessary

Don’t postpone your filter replacement. It will do no good. It will also be helpful when you place reminders for your water filter replacement. And you should not use it until you find a replacement for your cartridges. You could as well get compatible cartridges ready even before the incumbent one rusts out.

● Store your cartridges in appropriate conditions

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to always read the user manual when you purchase a new filter. In the manual, the appropriate storage conditions are well documented. Storing your filters in an inappropriate environment might cause damage to the filters.

● Ensure the exterior area of your purifier is clean

One, you should consistently clean the body parts of your purifier with either some foamy water or a rag immersed in oil. The stains around it should give way immediately. Two, maintain a frequent cleaning process on the tap that is fixed to your purifier. If the tap is dirty, then expect a dirty output too.

● Get your filter system serviced frequently

It will do you no harm to employ the services of an expert health water system organization to help out with the job of servicing your filter system regularly. Every part of your filter should be checked during servicing, and if any is damaged, replace it immediately.

● Consider the option of using water softeners

Water softeners generally battle calcium and magnesium in hard water. Although the main aim of using filters is to remove contaminants from the water, the addition of water softeners to filter hard water is not a bad idea after all. Fix and install softeners on your purifier for effective functioning.


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