Types of solar batteries that you need to know

Battery types

Solar batteries are just one of the very essential parts of the entire solar power storage space system, they take care to conserve a lot of electric power intake, given that their main function is to save the energy created by the plates.

Yes, thanks to them, it is possible to have light in the evening or during overcast days when the solar panels need greater energy need. For this reason, lots of people consider it necessary to acquire batteries for solar power that allow them to keep that excess energy from the solar panels. Now, when making a choice of types of solar batteries, it is necessary to analyze several essential elements. Some of the most important ones we will tell you about in this post.

What is a solar panel and also how does it function?

Additionally, called accumulators, they have the objective of saving excess solar energy from photovoltaic panels. This way, they can create it individually of a solar generator when necessary. One of the major features of the solar cell is that it comprises two electrodes, which are engaged in an electrolyte, where chemical reactions occur for the matching charge and discharge of the exact same.

What is the device of step for batteries for solar power?

The electrical ability provided by solar panel batteries is measured in amps/hour (Ah), as well as is defined by having actually an approximated discharge time. It is important to mention that the discharge capacity is defined on the product label as well as the C100 language is utilized to recognize it. For example, if we find a 250A solar battery with C100 (Ah), this suggests that this type of solar battery has the capability to offer us 250A for 100 hrs.

How much time is the helpful life of a solar cell?

When we describe the helpful life of the solar cell, we also describe the fee and discharge cycles to which it can be subjected. As well as the typical discharge deepness. For instance, suppose we have a monobloc type battery, and also it can only do 180 cycles with a deepness of discharge of 80%, this implies that its valuable life may have a boost of approximately 1000 more cycles.

Types of solar batteries

According to the modern technology made use of by the producer of batteries for photovoltaic panels, it is possible to locate the list below types:

1. Deep cycle batteries
They are characterized by being large and offering world power for daily usage setups. Yes, among their terrific advantages is that they can reach 6-7 years of life.
This makes them the very best complement for those settings where it is needed to have good battery life, considering that they are capable of holding up against a number of full discharges without influencing their beneficial life. In addition to that, they are not so easily harmed, as is the case with various other types of batteries

2. Open up lead-acid batteries
Unlike deep cycle batteries, their performance is reduced. They are estimated to have a life process of 300 cycles, which indicates that if they are charged as well as discharged daily, they can last up to less than a year. Nonetheless, they are extremely valuable in isolated installments, as a result of their low cost.

3. Gel batteries
They are the finest solar panels to be mounted in positions with inadequate ventilation. Regarding their discharge capability, they can withstand approximately 800 life cycles, enabling them to have a longer sturdiness time. Something impressive concerning gel batteries is that they do not require upkeep, considering that they are sealed. It is very common to locate them in tiny and medium-sized installations, where they require an efficient as well as highly practical battery.

4. AGM batteries
Likewise, understood as “maintenance-free batteries”, since they are made with incapacitated electrolyte and gas guideline valves, which help reduce energy losses. AGM battery is the very safe battery, with the ability to stand up to shocks as well as resonances without the anxiety of the electrolytes spilling. It is the most effective battery for solar panels in small installments, where it is tough or very costly to maintain them.

5. Lithium batteries
Their major attribute is that they do not discharge gases and have an extremely reduced weight. This makes them suitable to be positioned anywhere. One of its major benefits is that they have a very fast loading time; On top of that, they can undergo high discharge cycles without affecting their lifetime as well as procedure. Maybe identified as the ideal batteries for solar systems, however, its top quality and resistance have a high expense, compared to those stated above. But, over time, it comes to be a smart choice.

6. Fixed batteries.
They are batteries with long valuable life, so they are convenient in positions where there is a high everyday usage for extended periods of time. They offer a great buildup of energy, thanks to the 6 2v glasses they have. However, depending on the needs of each customer, it is possible to choose between various abilities.

Where to buy batteries for photovoltaic panels?

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