How to Be a Better Team Member

How to Be a Better Team Member

You know what they say: “Teamwork makes the dream work!”, however, being a part of the group is not enough if you want to make your team successful. Even though you can’t predict how others will act, what you can do is become a better team member of your crew! How can you do so?

This may sound like one of those New Year’s resolutions, but being a better team member will certainly pay off and positively affect productivity and efficiency. Luckily, you don’t need to reinvent your inner personality to become a better crew member. But here are a couple of tips that will help you achieve your goal!

Understand your role

When working in a team, each member has a specific role and tasks they need to fulfill. However, in too large or too small teams, roles and assignments frequently get mixed up, which results in confusion and sometimes conflict. So, if you want to be a better team member, make sure you understand your role and the tasks assigned to you.

If you’re given an unclear instruction, or you simply didn’t catch what your task was, swallow your pride and ask again. Surely somebody from the team will be willing to help you out. On top of that, you should allow other team members to help you with your work. That doesn’t make you less competent but a better team member!

Team Member

Team Member

Be a good listener

We all go through difficulties from time to time. While some people can leave their problems behind and focus on the job, others need a helping hand and perhaps a shoulder to cry on. Even though the deadlines might be breathing down your neck, your teammates’ health is more important, so be there for them! Make them feel safe in the workplace.

On top of that, you should also be a good listener in other types of situations. For instance, if a colleague has feedback on your work, be kind enough to listen to it and consider it. No matter what the subject is, listen to your teammates and value their opinion.

Have goals and shared values in mind

Each successful team works towards the same goal. If your team doesn’t have a defined goal, initiate a meeting and work together until you come up with a specific goal you need to achieve. Being a team member to die for also includes taking the initiative and a leadership role when others are passive!

So, facilitate the meeting and help your coworkers agree on a measurable and specific goal you need to achieve. On top of that, constantly remind your mates of the values you all share. Since you all desire success, it’s up to you as a team to find the best strategy to achieve it!

Best Team Member

Best Team Memberv

Be open for communication

Have you noticed how favorite team members are those who are friendly, honest, communicative, and overall kind? You don’t have to have a bubbly personality to be a great coworker. However, you should be open to communication with members of your team. Lunch break chit-chats or long conversations with colleagues are sometimes necessary for a fantastic team bond.

In addition to that, open and honest communication with team members is an amazing way of increasing work engagement. So, instead of using popular and unsafe apps for communication, opt for a platform that will also allow you to safely transfer and share files and confidential work information. Find out more here about all the benefits such platforms provide you and your team with.

Take responsibility

Playing a blame game is a big no-no when it comes to working in a team. Blaming your colleagues for something you did disqualifies you from the “good team member” crew. So, if you want to be a good team member, it includes taking responsibility for your actions even if the consequences are bad.

If you plan on working as a team, chances are you’ll also have to take responsibility as a team. This means that you shouldn’t blame individuals for failure. Mistakes and accidents can happen to anyone, so try to be considerate and help your team fix the mistakes and move on.


These are only some tips that can help you become a better team business player. If you’re unsure how to apply these ideas to real life, consider asking a teammate or a coach to help you develop new skills and improve the existing ones. It’s never too late for an improvement!



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