Tactical Flashlights: How to Use Them for Self-defense

Tactical Flashlights

A tactical flashlight is a gadget designed for use during tactical situations. They are smaller than the traditional flashlights and are suitable for mounting to a weapon. Apart from their military and police use, tactical flashlights are used by civilians as a personal defense tool. So, what is the use of tactical flashlights?

In our discussion today, readers shall get information about these personal defense tools broadly. Under each use, we will understand how they should set them to send a signal to nearby people or passersby.

Tactical Flashlights: How to Use Them for Self-Defense

 Flashlights have from the past times played an important role to many people. Manufacturers design them specifically for illumination purposes where we can’t see through. However, they have undergone advancements that have made them great self-defense devices. Let’s learn about the use of tactical flashlights as self-defense gadgets below.

Used to Blind an Attacker

A tactical flashlight comes with a 200-lumen light beam. A beam that makes it ideal for blinding the attacker by pointing it directly to their eyes. It produces incredibly bright light, and that is why it is best to use it as a self-defense tool.

From Tactical Flashlight Review we came to know that 140 lumens are more than enough for you to blind an attacker. However, these tactical flashlights can go as high as 10000 lumens. Such flashlights can way out and permanently destroy an attacker’s eyes.

When you direct that light to the attackers, they will strain to take that much, and eventually, the pupil will try to reduce that load by becoming smaller. Consequently, it will force the attacker to close his/her eyes to avoid damaging them by the light rays. This gives you the ability to counter any upcoming attacker easily, and avoid imminent danger.

As a Weapon

Other tactical flashlights come with a well-protected bezel that offers options to hit your opponent. Bezels have dangerous serrated edges, and if they hit the target, they can cause a lot of harm to the attacker’s face. A bezel is usually found around the bulb of the flashlight.

A tactical flashlight has military-grade aluminum that is rugged and lightweight. That means that it gives you options because you can use any part of the tactical flashlight when striking your opponent. Such flashlights are strong enough and can replace your fists.

Tracing a Target

Instead of using a huge beam, tactical flashlights have the spot beam that you can focus on the attacker at a distance.

When you point your tactical flashlight directly to the attacker or any target object, the beam that the flashlight generates can be adjusted quickly.

Turning the beam focus of your flashlight down will give you a wider beam that covers more ground. Moreover, this beam does not project far. When you increase the focus, you are likely to narrow the beam, and then your flashlight can project very far. However, this means that it will not cover the wider area. Experts recommend that you focus the beam of light on the attacker directly rather than using a wider beam.

The Bucha Effect

As stated earlier, tactical flashlights have high enough lumens and are capable of rendering an attacker blind. Another interesting factor is that you can use the strobe settings and the SOS to counter your attacker.

Such action is referred to as the Bucha Effect. It is also referred to as the flicker vertigo. An effect that is caused by the imbalance of the brain cells is flickering and flashing of the bright light. Helicopter pilots find it also effective to help them look at the sun through its blades that cause the effect.

People suffering from epilepsy know that if they expose themselves to flickering lights their situation is triggered.

Illumination Purposes

Instances where you are in the dark and going through roads with no street lights, can be disappointing. However, with your tactical flashlight, you can light your pathways to help you avoid instances like stepping on hard objectives.

Consequently, a tactical flashlight can help you identify attackers on the hide with the cover of darkness. They have enough light that is capable of even scaring the attackers away from their positions.

When you direct light to the attacker’s hiding place, it is possible that you will not be surprised when you get to see them. A tactical flashlight can also be your defense mechanism if the attacker decides to engage you in a physical fight.

For Clipping onto Belts

Tactical Flashlights for Clipping onto Belts

Tactical Flashlights for Clipping onto Belts

What Is amazing about the tactical flashlights is that they are extremely lightweight compared to the traditional flashlights. They are extremely rugged and efficient, and there is no heavier-weight metal attached to them.

Their compact nature allows them to be ideal for carrying on your belt through the clip’s assistance. Then your pockets will not be disturbed because they already have their place. Moreover, this strategic positioning makes them easily accessible when in an emergency.

When Seeking Help

With the SOS built-in setting, the tactical flashlight becomes an important tool to use when calling for help. Many tactical lights come with around five modes, which allows you to select between their SOS and its brightness levels.

You can access this setting from the bezel around the bub. Just turn them and select between the settings. When set, the SOS turns on-off according to the set interval and eventually creates a flickering effect.

Assists You Break Through Glass Windows

Tactical flashlights can be ideal for you to use when locked inside your house or car. The windows can break easily when hit by the flashlight. Through the bezel that surrounds the bulb, a significant impact is created to break any glass surface.

With this flashlight at your disposal, there is no need to injure your hand while trying to break the window.


In conclusion, when you are thinking about self-defense, you should always include a tactical flashlight. They offer many uses to the military and police, and civilians who intend to keep safe when walking at night. They are also a good source of light if you walk on a road with no street lights. Above all, you should know what the use of tactical flashlights is before you buy.



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