9 Legal Self Defense Weapons You Can Buy for Protection

Self defense weapons list

In an ideal world, no one would hurt anyone. Instead, everyone would be protective of each other. But in reality, the world isn’t perfect. Violence is common even in the most developed nations. Despite all the precautions you take, bad situations and danger may follow you. The best course of action is to learn self defense and understand how you can tackle any dangerous situation and save your life.

Here are nine legal self defense weapons that you can use to protect yourself:


Knives are the perfect self defense weapons that you can use in everyday life. They are useful in saving your life during a fight. But you have to remember to use the knives only to escape the attack, not to cause serious injuries. The idea is to divert the attention of the attacker and run away from the situation. Knives can also be concealable and inexpensive.

While defending yourself with a knife, you must know how to fight. You should learn effective moves and techniques before getting into action. For that, you can watch videos on YouTube about using a knife as a self-defense weapon effectively. Knives are usually legal in areas where pepper spray, stun guns, and firearms are considered legal self defense weapons by the law.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the best product for women. These tools spray a mixture of oleoresin capsicum and spicy oil, which is extracted from hot peppers. You can also use this spray against animals if they attack you. This spray can affect lungs, nose, and eyes, eventually disabling your attacker.

All the states have legalized the use of pepper spray. You will, however, need some practice to use pepper spray effectively.

Stun Guns

These stun guns use thousands of volts of electricity so that you can stun your attacker. If someone is attacking you, you need to jab them with the stun gun and press the button. As electricity enters their body, it disables them for a short time. This way, you can escape easily without any hassles.

Stun guns are the perfect legal self defense weapons, as they don’t have a lethal effect but they can disable them temporarily.


Some people do not know the difference between a taser and a stun gun. They consider both self defense weapons the same, but tasers are different from stun guns. Specifically, a taser is a ranged stun gun that is sold by Axon. However, you use a taser or a stun gun for the same motive i.e. incapacitating your attacker by giving them a severe electric shock.

Tasers fire two pointed darts that stick to the attacker and create a wave of electric shocks. They are very effective but quite expensive, and the models available for civilians have a range of five feet usually.


No one wants to carry a heavy and large baton around the streets to protect themselves. You can use a kubotan stick, which is small and as thick as a pen. You can utilize these items to increase the concentration of the force while punching someone.

To defend yourself, you should hold the kubotan self defense weapon in your fist and jab the pressure point of the attacker’s body. This generates a sudden pain, which is enough to escape the situation.

Walking Sticks

Walking sticks can also be used as impact self defense weapons. You are more likely to use them as a fashion accessory or a utility tool so that you can surprise the attacker. These products are longer than batons. So you can expect more from this weapon.

To use these sticks efficiently and without risking any failure in defending yourself, you need to learn how to defend. There are various videos on YouTube, in which they teach you to defend with easy techniques and moves. Remember, walking sticks with swords are not reliable. The blades are not sharp enough to protect, and they might also pull you into legal issues. So never purchase walking sticks with swords as self defense weapons.


Flashlights are more than a source of light. You can use standard flashlights with heavyweight metal bodies as legal self defense weapons. The best part is that you don’t have to strike with your flashlight. If your light is powerful enough, you can point it at your attacker’s eyes and make them temporarily blind. This will buy you enough time to run to a safe area.

Criminals mostly prefer locations that are dark so that no one can see them, which makes the use of a flashlight even more worthwhile. However, you need to purchase a high-quality flashlight from a well-known brand. These items are reliable, sturdy, small, and concealable.

Black Cat Keychain

The cat self defense keychain may look cute, but when an attacker tries to attack you, you can use it to jab and cause pain so that you can escape. This black cat keychain is convenient, and you can carry this weapon in your purse and pocket. If you have this keychain as a weapon, you are always equipped to fight off an unwanted guest.

The ears on these disguised self defense weapons are sharp, which, when jabbed as a punch, inflict enough pain to distract the attacker. These black cat keychains are strong but since they are constructed with aluminum, they are lightweight And easy to carry.

Tiger Lady Claw

These tiger lady claws can fulfill your dream of becoming Wolverine. The tiger lady claw is a hand-held and lightweight claw you can carry along wherever you go. These sharp claws are capable of doing extensive damage to the cloths and skin of the attacker. Use a strap to hold the claws on your hands tightly.

Moreover, these items can collect the DNA of the attacker so the police can identify them. Tiger lady claw will keep you stay confident whenever you are in a bad neighborhood.

Conclusion for self defense weapons

The basic rule of self-defense is not to win the fight, but to survive the situation. Athletes fight to win. In the streets, when you are trying to defend yourself, your priority should be to escape the situation. But you cannot do that with bare hands. You need the best, concealed, easy to carry, and legal self defense weapons to survive unpleasant scenarios like the ones stated above.

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