How to keep Ice Longer in your Ice Cooler or Ice Chest

Best Camping Ice Cooler

Ice cooler, ice chest, and icebox are ideal for outdoor or camping activities in the summer. Are you planning to pass an afternoon on the beach or playing with your kids on the lawn or camping in a remote area than an ice cooler, icebox, or ice chest is a must carry to keep your food fresh and cool. Today we will discuss some quality iceboxes. Not every icebox is perfect for you, you need to choose one as your demands, and we will try to help to find out. After reading this article you will be able to identify which type of icebox you really need to buy. Not getting any more delay so let’s jump into the section and grab the best coolers.

Choosing Your Ice Cooler, Ice Chest, or Icebox:

You need to buy an icebox or a cooler from a reputable company always. This will ensure your product quality. While choosing the model its also important to be concern about the size also. You need to know exactly how many people you have to carry food. After choosing the size you have to know, how to exactly carry food over this product and how they could keep for the best result. Let’s have a glimpse of this.

Preparing Icebox:

First, spread the layer of crushed ice on the box before the moment you are going to use this. After cooling down your icebox and the air inside you almost done half of the whole procedure.

Best Camping Ice Cooler Atbuz

Best Camping Ice Cooler Atbuz

Block Ice and adding salt:

Block ice is a solid mass of ice, instead of block ice; if you use crushed ice there is a probability of your ice to get to melt earlier than block ice. You can buy block ice in soft or hard form or as an ice pack. You also can build your own ice pack by freezing water in an ice-cream cube or water bottle. Now, you can add some salt to the water in order to make it stronger than regular water. This is actually a trick; salty water remains colder than regular water, So, when you know this; why not apply?

Cooling Food, Drinks, and Beer:

Here you should put an algorithm, which food items you want to cool most, put them at the very inside then one by one put other items; this is how to let your ice cooler give it’s the best performance. If you need more room, then do not waste your crushed ice, you can use them to cool your liquid items. If your icebox is only filled with liquid items then you can put the crushed ice over the box to keep it slow melting.

Keep it away from the sun and fill it:

The sun is the worst enemy to prevent your goods from getting cold. Always try to keep your ice chest in the shade and make sure there is enough air to flow around that icebox. Do not open this until you need your food. Always try to fill your ice cooler with goods, this is how it could give the best performance.


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