Glass Table Top Replacement & Usage Made Easier Than Ever Before

The Prefect Glass Table Top

Glass Table Top Replacement. Glass table tops have a well-known history of protecting furniture very well. Glass tabletops complement all table types; whether you want to buy a new table, renovate an old one, or simply want to place it over wooden or metal furniture. Glass table tops have always been famous for their classy, sophisticated and functional purposes.

They can protect and add aesthetics to your furniture. If you want to give your old furniture a new look; glass table tops are the perfect option, you can choose. Save yourself from the hassle. Do not waste your efforts in painting and removing stains from old furniture, and put a glass tabletop on your table.

Glass tabletops come in different sizes, shapes, and textures; that can blend with all types of furniture. You can use it for your dining table, coffee table, conference table, study table, or any other table. They are perfect for home décor and office elegance look.

Glass tabletops have always appealed to consumers, but its fragile nature also detracts many away. Within this article, we will identify all possible ways to make the best out of the glass table so you may enjoy its serenity and functionality to the max.

How to Install Glass Table Top or Glass Table Top Replacement?

Glass tabletops are prone to damage, especially if they are not installed correctly. Therefore, they need support in various places. So, before you install a glass tabletop or Glass Table Top Replacement, you need to make sure you install the right glass top.

Glass table tops come in different sizes, textures, thicknesses, types, dimensions, and glass load. So, make sure to install a customized glass tabletop for your table. Generally, it is not a difficult task to install glass table tops; but we still recommend hiring a professional. Whether you want to replace or install a new glass tabletop; it is recommendable to call in an expert. It will help you save time, money, and effort.

Call a trusted glass installation expert; call Fab Glass and Mirror. They have the expertise, knowledge, and skill to replace and install glass table tops for all tables. You can also purchase mirrors and glass tabletops of different sizes, textures, and dimensions from them; they have a wide variety to offer.

How Do You Measure a Glass Table Top?

Before you purchase a glass tabletop for your table; the first essential step is to measure the glass tabletop. Remember; one wrong decision may lead to a waste of money. Generally, it is advisable to get an expert’s help. However, if you plan to measure glass table tops at home; act vigilant and follow the process below:

· For a round table: Start from the center of the table, stretch it to the corner, and make a diameter with the measuring tape.

· Square/ rectangle table: measure both sides of the table and write down the lengths on a piece of paper.

· It is advisable to cross-check the measurement and check the length of all four sides; they might vary due to manufacturing malfunction.

· Measure the thickness of the tabletop: Place the tip of the measurement tape underneath the edge of the tabletop to the upper surface.

· Don’t forget to measure all the cutouts, notches, and holes in your glass table. For the safer side; draw a diagram of all cutouts, notches, and holes, so Fab Glass and Mirror hold no ambiguity.

· Write down the type of edge your existing glass tabletop holds or the one you want to purchase.

That was all! The measurements of your glass table top are complete. All you need to do is to place an order.

Glass Table Top Replacement

Glass Table Top Replacement

How Do You Prevent the Glass Table Top from Sliding?

Glass is a fragile material; if not handled properly you could shatter it into pieces. Even a crack or a broken corner would result in a huge loss.

So, add some bumpers to fill the space between the glass and the supporting base. Bumpers will support the glass and prevent it from sliding

Follow the simple steps below:

· Carefully lift the glass and place it upside down in a safe area. Don’t forget to wear gloves for safety and a secure grip.

· Clean the glass bottom surface with an appropriate glass cleaner

· Dry the pane with a soft, lint-free cloth

· Next, clean the supports with rubbing alcohol to clean any grime and grease.

· Now, take another clean lint-free cloth and wipe the glass support until dry

· Peel of the bumper pads and place them where the glass is supported. Don’t forget to put pressure on the bumper pads; they need to stick firmly on the glass support

· Lastly, place the glass tabletop back on the table slowly and carefully. Make sure it sits on all the bumper pads.

Why Should I Use a Glass Table Cover?

A glass table cover is different from a solid glass top; so do not confuse them. A glass tabletop is your table’s top constructed of glass. However, a glass table cover sits on your furniture; wooden or metal with a single idea in mind; to protect and preserve the look of the table.

You have invested a lot of money to get the perfect furnishings for your home or office. It is a hefty investment that cannot renovate occasionally; so protect it from damages, scratches, and fierce shatter.

How Do You Remove Scratches from A Glass Table Top?

Glass tables give your dining room a classy look; however, scratches on the glass may appear more visible. So, the first initial rule to remove scratches is to adopt a precautionary measure. It is always better not to get scratches in the first place so cover your glass with a glass table cover. It will prevent your glass from scratches. You may also use cloth table covers and table pads to get rid of scratches.

However, if you have still ended up with scratches; follow the tips below to remove them with ease:

· Clean the scratched area with the window cleaner and fry it with a kitchen roll.

· Rub a metal polish, or a mixture of water, baking soda, and white non-gel toothpaste with a soft cloth in a circular motion

· Polish it with a soft cloth

· If the scratch is deeper it may take several attempts.

Don’t lose hope and try some of the other tips:

· Apply a nail polish removal

· Buy scratch repair products

· Try glass repair system

How Do You Clean Glass Tables Top?

You can clean the glass top table with glass cleaning liquid and a lint-free cloth. You may also use store cleaners or home DIY cleaning solutions. Let’s get started

· Remove all the objects from the table

· Wipeout all the dust and other particles from the table with a dry lint-free cloth

· If the table is highly soiled, add liquid soap in a bowl of hot water and clean the table with a lint-free cloth. Squish off extra soapy water from the fabric.

If the table is not soiled or greasy, only warm water will serve the purpose too.

· Once the table is clean with soapy water now wipe it down with a damp clean cloth. Rub the glass dry with another lint-free cloth

· Lastly, clean the table with the glass cleaning liquid. We will tell some of the best glass cleaner liquids in the next section). Squirt the mixture over the table and wipe it with a lint-free cloth or you may also use a wadded-up piece of newspaper.

Which Is the Best Glass Cleaner?

There are wide ranges of glass cleaners available in the market. We will enlist the best three ones:

· Sprayway Glass Cleaner: Spray way is an aerosol spray that comes in a 19-ounce bottle. It is one of the most powerful glass cleaners that will help you dissolve dirt, grease, and grime. It will give your glass table a bright and streak-free look. As compared to another glass cleaner it is expensive, but it is worth the investment.

Windex Original Glass Cleaner

Windex Original Glass Cleaner

· Windex Original Glass Cleaner: Windex original glass cleaner comes with a 23-ounce bottle with a comfortable grip handle. It is one of the oldest and most trusted glass cleaners that doesn’t give a firm hand on your budget. Most importantly, it cuts out grime, grease, and other dust particles on your tabletop instantly.

· Windex Original Wipes: Windex wipes come up with easy-to-carry flat-pack wipes that can help you instantly clean your table top. All you need is one pre-moistened Windex wipe on your table top, and you will have a clean streak-free shine. Don’t forget to seal the wipes properly; or else they will dry out.

· DIY Glass Cleaner: Water and vinegar solution is one of the best DIY glass cleaners. All you need is an equal ratio (50/50) of vinegar and water; mix them properly and store them in a spray bottle. Squish the mixture over the surface of the tabletop and clean it with a damp lint-free cloth.

What Are the Different Kinds of Glass Edges Available for My Glass Table Top?

There are different types of edging for your glass table top. However, your edge depends on the place you put your table. Some of the basic edges are:

· Seamed Edge: Choose a seamed edge if you intend to frame the glass and your edges will not be visible. The seamed edge removes the sharpness of the glass making it easier to handle

· Flat Edge: Choose a flat edge when your table top glass is visible. The flat edge is a polished square edge that gives your table a minimalist look.

· Beveled Polished Edge: Choose a beveled polish edge if you are looking for a clean and sophisticated edge. The beveled width will be customized ranging from ¼ to 1 ¾. The most demanded and standard width is 1. For more detail click here.

Where Can You Buy the Best Glass for Table Tops?

Buying the best glass for table tops is the most crucial step. There is a wide range of options available but chose one of the top, renowned, reliable and authentic manufacturers and distributors of glass tabletops. Make sure they provide you with the highest-quality glass with a wide range of options. You are investing your money so opt for a customized, high-quality glass table top.

If you are looking for the best yet affordable glass table tops; Fab Glass and Mirror can custom manufacture the best-fitted glass tabletop for your table. They have thousands of glass items in stock and also assist their customers with experts that can help you select the right glass table top.

Your glass table tops from fab glass and mirror will protect your indoor and outdoor furniture and will fabricate the glass to your exact requirements at your doorstep. What else do you need?

Which Glass Type Are the Best for A Glass Table Top?

When you are ordering a glass tabletop; keep in mind that a wide range of options are available, but accidents occur. So, chose the one that suits you best. Below are some of the type of glass you can opt for:

Regular Clean Glass VS Tempered Glass: A regular glass if breaks; fall into sharp edges that are dangerous for your loved ones. One the other hand, tempered glass holds more exceptional durability; it is stronger and breaks into smaller less intense pieces. For a glass table cover, you don’t need tempered glass, a clear glass be a good option; however, if you want to add an extra layer of safety you can place a tempered glass.

Plexiglass: Plexiglass is one of the best alternatives to glass if you are looking for something lighter and durable. It is colorless, can be cut to any size, and perfect to place it as a glass table top cover for indoor and outdoor furniture. It is as clear as glass, durable, and more resistant to falls. Since chances of shatter are minimal in plexiglass, however, they are comparatively expensive and can be chipped off and scratches may appear visible.

Frosted Glass: If you don’t want clear glass for your table top; then chose frosted glass. Frosted glass has an opaque texture thus you don’t have to worry about fingerprints or smudges. It is comparatively expensive as compared to clear glass and difficult to clean too. Soap scum and dirt accumulates within the pattern of the frosted glass; so you need to put in extra effort to keep the frosted glass clean

Tint/Colored: If you are tired of plain clear glass table tops and want to add some color. Then tinted glass table tops will serve the purpose. The tinted glass comes in different colors from light blue, green, grey, and blackish tint. The tint glass table top will match the vibes of your room giving it a new modern look.

However, scratches are most visible on tint colored and cannot mend at any cost.


Glass tabletops are a perfect protective cover for your indoor and outdoor furniture. It protects your furniture from damages, scratches and creates an illusion of space in your room. Glass table tops come in different sizes, textures, thicknesses, and styles. Order the perfect customized glass table for your furniture today. The glass table top will protect your furniture for many years. Order one today on Fab Glass and Mirror and get hooked with their team of experts. They will help you fabricate the glass for your room, office, or garden.

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