How to Properly Organize your Things in the Box When You Move

How to Properly Organize your Things in the Box When You Move

Moving to a new home is exciting and spectacular. However, the idea of packing everything in your house or office is not stimulating. This is because it is tiresome and boring to pack all the items.

Fortunately, you can enjoy packing and moving if you engage professional movers. Commercial movers are trained people who understand the best strategies on how to pack simple and fragile items.

If you are ready for a move, below are a few tips on how to properly organize your items in the box.

Estimate the number of boxes you need

Before you start packing, you need to estimate how many boxes you need to pack your items. According to experts, an average home needs 60 to 70 packing boxes. But remember you require small and big boxes.

Nevertheless, numerous factors determine the number of boxes you need such as the number of rooms in your house, number of people living in your house, years spent in the apartment, and type of lifestyle.

Get the right boxes

The next step is to get the right boxes for packing your items. Based on your items, make sure you have the sizes and shapes. You can get packing boxes from a moving company, home improvement store, or office supply shop.

However, it is important to get the best packing materials. If you use poor packing boxes, your items may get damaged or some may get lost.

Pack important items in a “need-it right-away” box

Pack all items that you need to access immediately once you arrive in the new house in one box. Some of these items include clothes, towels, toiletries, and cleaning items.

Pack them in one box and label the box as a need-it, right-away box. Also, ensure it is one of the last boxes to pack on the moving truck. This will ensure you find it and use the items once you arrive in the new home.

Get rid of things you do not need

The next step is to get rid of the things you do not need. Go through your stuff to remove the items that are not in use or you may not need them in the new house. You can sell some items, throw away others, or donate them.

Divide your things into non-valuable and valuable

Some people organize their items room by room, while others have a packing area. No matter which strategy you use, make divide your belongings into non-valuable and valuable items. Then have boxes for valuable items and other boxes for non-fragile items.

Group similar items together

The next step that will ensure your belongings in the box are organized when you move is grouping similar things together. For instance, group office supplies together, stereo equipment together, and so on and so on.

If you have involved NYC office movers, they will ensure all similar office supplies are grouped to avoid any damages.

Smaller boxes should be for heavier items and big boxes for lighter items

Do not fill large moving boxes with heavy items. They might be too heavy to carry, or they may fall apart. So, get smaller boxes for the heavier items and large ones for lighter things.

Tape the bottoms of all boxes

Before filling the boxes, make sure you tape all the bottoms. This will ensure they are stable, and your items cannot get lost. Also, make sure you have the right packing tapes. If you do not tape the bottoms, heavy items will get lost.

Label all the boxes

Label all the boxes

Label all the boxes

Labeling the moving boxes is very important. You can label them by corresponding room or any other strategy. You can go further by color-coding your labels.

This is to make it easier to spot a particular box on the moving truck or in your new home. Happily, it is possible to buy colored labels or make some for yourself.

For instance, you can assign yellow to the kitchen, red to the garage, pink to your daughter’s room, and blue to another room.

Place all heavier items at the bottom

Make sure you place the heavier items on the bottom of your box, and the lighter things on top of them. This is because the heavy items can withstand the pressure from the lighter items.

Fill all the boxes to the top

When packing, do not leave any boxes half-full or half-empty. You do not want to waste packing space, and half-full boxes can cave in during moving. Boxes that are not fully packed cannot load well and may cause problems when moving.

Do not make your boxes too heavy to carry

Even though you are advised to fill all the boxes to the top, do not make them too heavy to carry. Too heavy boxes can cause injuries or damage to some of your items. Therefore, to prevent injuries in case the box falls, ensure they are not heavy.

Hire professional movers

If you are still searching for the best way to organize your items when you move, the best option is to hire professional movers. By engaging the experts, you will be sure your valuable items will reach the new apartment intact.

By hiring professionals such as NYC movers, you can be guaranteed that someone will take responsibility for any items that may get lost or damaged during the transit. If you notice an item is missing or damaged, you can complain to the moving company.

Moreover, the professionals are well-trained and qualified to help you pack and move all kinds of items.


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