5 Electrical Upgrades For Your Home That Solve Common Problems

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Are you frustrated with flickering lights, plug outlets that don’t work, or the fact that using multiple appliances at once trips the power? These are all reasonably common electrical problems that are primarily present in older homes, but even new developments aren’t excluded from these and other complaints.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all your electrical frustrations around the house, and we’ve listed five of them for the most common electrical annoyances.

Preventing Overloads And Shorting Of Circuits

Electrical overloads and shorting of circuits can be caused by a number of different things. Some common causes include old or damaged outlets, appliances, lights, or electrical devices. Other causes include loose connections in the electrical box or even water or dampness.

It’s typically best to call out an electrician if you’re experiencing overloads and short circuits because this issue is a fire hazard. Installing a 30 amp breaker replacement is also a solution to prevent this common issue.

Plugs That Don’t Match Outlets

Plugs that don’t match outlets are an incredibly frustrating predicament. Although, you can upgrade either the outlet or have your plugs changed to suit the particular outlets in your home.

With this, you can rely on an electrician or attempt a DIY plug or outlet upgrade. There are tons of informative tutorials available online that will guide you through the fairly straightforward process.

Flickering Lights And Burnt Out Bulbs

If you’re enduring flickering lights and find yourself constantly replacing bulbs around the house, it’s highly likely that there is a loose connection either near the light fixture or near the switch.

Flickering and burnt-out bulbs are a definite indication that the power supply is interrupted by a break in the connection. Sometimes, you might need to have the light fixture replaced. But either way, it’s wise to rely on a professional electrician to identify the location of the loose connection.

Unable To Use Appliances Together

It can be pretty frustrating to endure a power trip every time you try to use multiple appliance at the same time. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward fix for this issue; you can upgrade the electrical panel and install a dedicated circuit for heavy appliances.

It’s essential to rely on an electrician for this kind of electrical upgrade because a small mistake can be fairly dangerous or quite costly.

Power Surges Damaging Appliances And Devices

A single power surge can destroy several appliances and devices. It’s also almost impossible to unplug everything in preparation for a potential power surge because these surges happen for a number of reasons.

Instead of leaving your household at risk of damage caused by power surges, install surge protectors at the outlets. Surge protection devices are relatively affordable, and they’ll save you from potentially having to replace costly appliances and devices in your home.

Whether the electrical problem you’re experiencing is minor or severe, it’s always best to rely on a professional electrician to identify the source of the issue and implement a solution. While you can handle some home repairs on your own, like unclogging drains and clearing out gutters, electrical repairs and installations are typically hazardous, so a DIY approach is not suitable for this category of tasks in most cases.



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