AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach

AimSteady - Wearable Marksmanship Coach Atbuz

Are you having trouble finding the target every time you shoot your handgun? Well, if the answer is yes, then you are in luck. Marksmanship is not an easy thing. It’s a skill that takes a lot of practice and time.  But what if there was a wearable device that actually helped you with it? As it turns out, there is.

The AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach is the first wearable device that can help you improve your aim. It is designed to capture information before and after each shot. This information can then be analyzed to determine which areas need improvements in future shots. It’s the ultimate wearable that monitors and checks your handgun shooting skills.

How Does It Work?

The AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach is a ring-shaped wearable device that can be worn on any finger. It has a proprietary motion analysis system that can detect movement errors, recovery time, and grip stability before and after a shot. These factors are all essential in determining aim and accuracy.

The device is connected to your smartphone. It relays all the information to an app which provides real-time audible feedback as you shoot. The app will also show you a shooting history where it tracks improvements in your accuracy over time.

The AimSteady device is a real-time shooting coach offering actionable data that you can use to get better at hitting your target. It’s also a very simple device. All you need to do is wear the ring, connect it to your phone, and start shooting.

Why is the Product Needed?

Not many people are gifted with perfect aim when it comes to guns. Even marine snipers go through months of training before they can master the art of marksmanship. At the moment, there are no devices out there that can train you on a real-time basis. You just shoot and shoot for months until you can finally figure out what is wrong. This can be very difficult and a majority of people will give up.

The AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach, however, changes things. Its proprietary technology delivers a real-time feedback system that tells you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. 9 times out of 10, bad shots are caused by a lack of motor skill control and not necessarily the technique. Motor skills give you the ability to sync your brain, nervous system, and muscles. This is very important when you are aiming for the target and you will need laser-like focus and very good reflexes to execute a clean hit.

The AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach is designed to give you this ability. It works to train your motor skills through real-time feedback on everything that you are doing. This is a privilege that most people don’t have, especially when you are engaged in rapid-fire sessions.

AimSteady - Wearable Marksmanship Coach

AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach

What Are the Features of the AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach?

The AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach has a number of key features.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • The device gives you real-time audible feedback via your phone. The feedback is relayed through headphones or earphones. This helps you to understand your weaknesses every time you shoot.
  • The data is collected and stored from every shooting session. You can analyze it later for your own convenience. You will also get historical trends that track your performance and improvement over time.
  • The app that works with the device also features a number of “special forces style” shooting drills and exercises. They will come handy in taking your marksmanship skills to the next level.
  • You can also connect with peers and friends to make it more fun. All of you can compete for the ultimate top dog marksman, a competition designed to gauge your skills against other people.
  • The wearable device is easy to use. The data it provides can also be easily analyzed by anyone. You don’t need any special training to benefit from it.

Why Would You Use the AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach?

You may be sitting there and wondering why you should invest in this wearable device. Well, there are a number of reasons. First of all, the handgun is perhaps one of the most difficult weapons to master. Repetitive shooting in air-conditioned rooms and stress-free environments don’t make things easier. Besides, most live handgun training sessions largely focus on techniques. They ignore the motor skills, which are vital in developing perfect aim. The AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach fixes this problem. The ultimate wearable that monitors, enhances and challenges your handgun shooting skills.

But that’s not all. The device will also reduce the amount of time it takes to master a handgun. It also saves you thousands of rounds. You see, marksmanship is all about instinct. You want your aim to become as instinctive as possible. However, getting to that level will require years of training but no one has that kind of time. The AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach is here to make it possible for you to master the weapon in a short period of time.

The device has also been developed by a group of veterans who are former shooting instructors and gun enthusiasts. These are the kind of people who have trained Special Forces and snipers in the US military. They definitely know what they are doing.  If you ever need some advice on how to improve your aim, these are probably the kind of people you will have a chat with.

How to Get It?

Well, in case you feel that the AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach is something that can help you, then it’s time to preorder on Indiegogo. The product has already gone through extensive development and testing. What’s now left is the manufacturing and the plan is to start shipping the device over the coming few months.

Your preorder will support the upfront manufacturing cost needed to get this product into the market. In the end, you will not just get a wearable handgun coach. You will have also played a small part in making AimSteady – Wearable Marksmanship Coach available to the rest of the world.


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