Bursitis: Why Footwear Selection Is Important

Bursitis: Why Footwear Selection Is Important

Bursitis is quite a common problem, especially among women. They suffer from it more because of their love of high-heeled shoes. In this article, we will discuss what bunions are and whether you can alleviate their symptoms with the proper footwear. 

What You Should Know About Bursitis

Bursitis is a curvature of the big toe due to the bone deformation at its base. In progressive bunions, the big toe presses on the neighboring toes, causing pain in the foot and problems while walking. 

The big toe plays a significant role in the entire functioning of our locomotor system. It allows us to keep our balance and push off the ground properly when we run or walk. Since the foot takes all the weight of our body, it must always be in the proper position. 

In the early stages of bunions, you feel pain in the area of the big toe, especially after a long walk or run. As the deformity develops, the pain starts to get worse. Then you involuntarily change your gait, as it can be painful to step on the foot in the bunion area. Thus, the load of the whole body is not distributed correctly. The pain can be accompanied by discomfort in the ankles, knees, hips, back, and even the neck or head. 

Shoes that squeeze the feet too tightly can cause bursitis or rub the skin around the bunion. Therefore, a long walk or a jog can be a real challenge. 

Usually, people who have faced the problem of bunions believes that it is an irreversible process, so they just have to accept it. In such cases, people can resort to painkillers and continue aggravating the issue with the wrong shoes.

Why the Proper Shoes Are Important

Though bunions are a foot deformity that is difficult to correct, you can learn to live with them and not suffer from daily pain. You can make your life easier if you refuse to wear unsuitable shoes. 

A few reasons to start choosing the right shoes:

  • To keep your feet healthy or to prevent existing problems from developing;
  • To have a confident and beautiful gait;
  • Keep your whole body healthy because improper foot position affects the entire musculoskeletal system;
  • Forget about damage to the skin on your feet because your shoes chafe too much;
  • Allow yourself to live an active life and go for walks or jogs with pleasure.

We often suffer from our own choices. Buying the right pair of bunion shoes for men or women can already help prevent some health problems. 

How to Choose the Right Shoes

The right shoe doesn’t mean ugly. Don’t think that you have to buy some old-fashioned sneakers or shoes. When choosing the right footwear for bunions, you can safely pay attention to the newest and most stylish models. The main thing is that these options meet the following parameters: 

  • Flexible, breathable material. When you have bunions, the bunion near the big toe is the most vulnerable part of your foot. Your shoes should not press or chafe in this area. For example, a good choice could be sneakers made of mesh or other lightweight materials. If your feet sweat too much in the shoe, it will only worsen the situation.
  • Good cushioning. If you have a bunion, avoid overloading the foot in the area of the bone and the big toe. When trying on, walk around in your shoes and make sure you feel comfortable when pushing off the floor. The right sole cushions the load as you walk or run, so there will be no soreness around the big toe. 
  • Foot support. The shoes should fit loosely enough on the foot so as not to squeeze it, but they also should not dangle. To know that your sneakers suit your feet correctly, you need to make sure that they have good ankle and arch support. That will keep your feet in the proper position while walking and running.
  • Adjustable depth of the shoe. That is necessary if you plan to use orthopedic or silicone inserts. In addition to the extra space, you will be comfortable walking in these shoes if you have bunions.

Many of these parameters have shoes from popular sports brands, so you can choose the right shoes easily. 

Some more tips for choosing shoes

The most important rule you have to remember is that a suitable pair of shoes should not be too narrow in the toe area. Otherwise, it will put too much pressure on the bone. When you wear these shoes for a long time, the big toe presses on the second toe. That will lead to severe deformation of the foot. 

Try to select a separate pair of shoes for a particular purpose. For example, casual sneakers, sneakers for running, etc. 

Try on shoes after you’ve been walking or standing for a while. In the morning, our feet are a little smaller than in the evening. This way, you can be sure you’ll be comfortable wearing shoes all day, and you won’t feel like they’re getting tight by the end of the day. 

Try bending the sneaker in your hands. The sole should be moderately elastic. Also, pay attention to the quality of the intermediate sole. Take a good walk in your new sneakers and make sure you feel comfortable and that the sole allows the foot to flex naturally. If the sole seems stiff, and you think it needs time to get softer, it’s not. Quality sneakers do not cause discomfort from the first minutes you put them on. Also, the sole should not be too flat or overly massive and heavy. 

Take Care of Your Feet

We hope now you understand that bunions are not a verdict. With such a peculiarity of the foot, you should not refuse even minor physical activity. The proper footwear will help you live a full life, not to refuse to walk with friends, and not experience permanent pain in your feet. 


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