Seven Unique Gifts Your Loved One Is Sure to Adore

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Gifting a present to someone you love is much harder than it looks. Sometimes the people we are closest to are the hardest to shop for. You want to find something thoughtful but also useful, as well as something that they don’t already own. The best way to address all these pointers is by finding a personalised present.

We’ve curated a list of seven unique gifts that your loved one is sure to adore during any celebration. Whether you’re looking for an anniversary, Christmas, or birthday gift, we’re sure you’ll find something perfect down below. Keep reading to find out more…

Personalised Accessories

If your loved one is a fashionista, why not gift them a personalised accessory or two. Check out the hat customizer and get a fun cap with their nickname or favourite saying on it. You can personalise anything you put your mind to: phone cases, t-shirts, necklaces, and more.

Jar of Coupons

The most thoughtful presents are often the cheapest. You can find an empty glass jar and fill it up with handmade coupons that your loved ones can exchange when they are feeling down. For example, you can create a coupon for a romantic home-cooked dinner.

Outdoor Picnic

Sometimes memories are worth more than material items. You can plan a cute outdoor picnic for you and your loved one to spend the day together. Bring a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some snacks. Don’t forget to take a few snaps to remember the moment.

Custom Box Subscription

Want to get them a present that lasts for the entire year? Why not consider an annual or six-month subscription to something they love? This can be wine, chocolates, or even a magazine.

DNA test

DNA test

Ancestry DNA Test

An unforgettable gift is an ancestry DNA test. After quick swab tests, you can know the true origins of your genetics. Apart from your standard ancestry test, you can even conduct a health insight test to understand your genetic traits.

Bespoke Stationery

Although writing letters seems like a hobby of the past, it’s incredibly beautiful to receive a hand-written letter. Purchase some bespoke stationery and, if you want to be extra fancy, get a personalised wax stamp for them to seal their letters.

Embroidered Dressing Gown

Is there anything more luxurious than popping on an embroidered dressing gown before going to bed? You can get these in an array of colors and styles, so you’re to find one that your loved one will adore. If you’re shopping for a male, why not get a fluffy bathrobe instead?

At the end of the day, it’s truly the thought that counts. If you put in enough effort, your loved one will appreciate the gift, no matter what it is. Remember, that celebrations are more about the memories you make than the presents you give or receive. Don’t forget to add a simple card and note expressing how much that special person means to you.


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