The Easiest Plants to Grow Free Food in Your Garden

Easiest Plants to Grow

The Easiest Plants to Grow Free Food in Your Garden

With prices skyrocketing, and fresh food limited, growing your own fruit and vegetables is having a comeback moment. Learn the easiest plants to grow now!

Gardeners and non-gardeners everywhere are rolling up their sleeves and getting down and dirty in the mud. Why? Because your own veg is tastier, doesn’t cost as much, and you can pick it as you need it. These simple to grow plants can even provide you with food into the winter if you learn how to store it correctly.

Easiest Plants to Grow at Home

Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, some plants take less work than others. A hot tip is to invest in some quality top gardening products which will make your job easier. Once you have plant food, compost, and seeds, you are ready to go. Here are some easy edible plants you should try to start you off. And learn the easiest plants to grow from seeds now!


Let’s pretend this is your very first planting in your garden. You have never grown anything else in your soil. There are two plants to grow to clear that soil and prepare it for new seeds. The first of these plants is the potato while the second is the radish.

If you wait until your humble kitchen potato starts to grow green sprouts, you can simply plant it straight into the soil. The potato must have sprouts but be fresh. If it is a squidgy potato, then it is rotten and won’t grow.

Potatoes grow best when you plant them in the peak of a trough. So, gather your soil together in a mound and plant the potato at the top. The new potatoes grow in the soil beneath, pushing any rocks or debris in that soil up to the top. Wait until the plant is fully dead and then harvest.


Farmers often grow fields of radishes just to clear the soil. They operate in the same way as a potato does, growing into the space and pushing up debris. Radishes will grow all year and then rot away in the spring. Some farmers don’t even harvest them, but allow them to rot to nothing, leaving holes in the soil. They can plant straight into the holes, into freshly fed soil. They call this a cover crop.


Now: if you live in a cool country, forget growing tomatoes as an easy crop. You need a greenhouse or a polytunnel, constant surveillance, the right amount of humidity, plant food, and a keen eye for watering. Tomatoes are a tough crop.

However, if you live in a warm country, tomatoes grow like weeds. Plant your tomatoes in rows with space enough between them for a grown plant. Water as normal. When you see a seedling grow through, keep a close eye on it. When the seedling is big enough that it grows a healthy stock, place a stick into the ground beside it and tie the stock to the stick. The stock will grow straight up the stick until it is thick enough to support itself. Et voila! Tomatoes.


If you plant an onion from your kitchen in summer, it will eventually flower and give you seeds. Use these the following year and plant them straight into the soil. Onions are another easy to grow crop.

Get Your Grow On With Easiest Plants to Grow at Home!

Get growing this season and create your own nutrients. Gardening both improves your mental health and gives you free food. What’s not to like?


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