What features of  SUMARPO’s RACE make them reliable swimsuits?

reliable swimsuits

Get ready to have an incredible and comfortable swimming experience with a SUMARPO  RACE swimsuit. The affordable swimwear with a slippery lining and excellent flexibility gives you the ultimate water-activity experience. There are a lot of wonderful features of these swimsuits that make them a reliable option to go swimming in the water. Some of the characteristics that professionals prefer to buy the wetsuits are given below. Let’s have a look over them.

Material Quality

Any product is judged by its material. If quality is premium, then consumers definitely want to buy it. The same is the case with wetsuits. Those sporting items produced by the premium Yamamoto neoprene are the preferable item in the market. This material is flexible and offers 30% more buoyancy than other wetsuit materials. When swimmer wears, his legs and hips remain above the water body, and he can swim comfortably without getting tired.

What features of SUMARPO’s RACE make them reliable swimsuits

What features of SUMARPO’s RACE make them reliable swimsuits

Eco-friendly Materials

The best thing about a triathlon wetsuit is that it is eco-friendly in nature. The neoprene used in the production of the SUMARPO RACE suit is made with limestone that is of natural origin. The critical aspect is that it is biodegradable, does not cause harm to the environment, and is skin-friendly.

Slippery Lining

The slippery lining is an additional feature that lets you wear the eco-friendly wetsuit quickly.  The dress is lined with 520% highly flexible SQ flex inner liner and superfine stretch fabric inner liner throughout the body that allows the body to slide in quickly. You can easily put on and take off without the assistance of others.

SCS Coating For Low Resistance

There is no surface drag, no water penetration. It is all because of the SCS coating layer on the neoprene layer. This keeps the suit completely impermeable to water. Thus, no wetting of the body, and it remains dry. Moreover, your body temperature remains normal also. No matter how long your swim, your body temperature remains maintained, and you will feel no cold.


The material is available with a different thickness that lowers the buoyancy center and keeps the swimmer perfectly. There is no risk of drowning. The consistency is about 4mm, which helps maintain gravity and swim without getting tired.

Extreme Comfortable Swimming Experience

Through triathlon wetsuits, you have an extremely comfortable swimming experience. The SCS collar design gives you comfort; you will know suffocation. Moreover, there is reduced skin friction, which is now after leakage. The swimsuits are available in different sleeves sizes. So, you can opt for the one that suits your need. Because of the size, you can move your arm comfortably, and it gives you a full range of shoulder mobility.

Design Of Wetsuit

Design Of Wetsuit

Design Of Wetsuit

The wetsuit is designed according to the shape of the body. This ensures the flexibility and easy movement of body parts. The groove shape paddle system is designed to reduce the water dragging and increase your arm stroke efficiency for your feet. This, in return, improve the swimming speed of the swimmer. Furthermore, there is a long strap on the zipper. So, you can easily glide it up and down. Thus, there is no need for the assistance of anyone. You can pull up to fit and pull down when you want to remove the dress. Easy to wear and easy and remove, no hassle. Thus, giving you an amazing swimming experience.

Easy fitting

SUMARPO’s RACE suits are easy to fit. It may take a short time to correctly put the suit on your body. You need to buy the size that fits your body. Avoid buying loose or too tight as it will not be easy for you. The appropriate size gets looser in water, and you feel tight on land. So, pick one size smaller than the original size.  It also stretches up when you get warm-up. In case if your body size is the large, large chest size, and your upper or lower body is flatter, then choose the one size larger. You can check the size chart before you buy the dress, so you can spend money on the right option.


SUMARPO wetsuit is a breeze for the swimmer. As for swimming, there is a need for a comfortable, flexible dress, and keeps you safe from drowning. Therefore, SUMARPO is producing wetsuits that are best for men and women. By wearing comfy wetsuits, you will have no itching or irritation. Moreover, the smooth dress easily glides, so you will find convenience while wearing it. So, you can spend money without fear that will give you any discomfort. You can buy with confidence has experience of comfortable swimming without getting tired, wet or feeling cold. You will be having fun and find it an excellent choice for water activity.



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