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Seller guides, we are here to help you.

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_toggle title=”How to add listing a simple product” el_id=”1524946300528-72308f1d-b9e8″]Add product name, more words will get more sales

Add product description, more detail possible can sell better

Add the short description to let the buyer know your item quickly

Select one or multicategories

Select one or multi tags

Add a featured image, this is the main image of the product

Add gallery image, this is the image of the detail of the product

Select simple product if the product doesn’t have any option like color, size

Add product SKU or style number

Add product regular price


Select in stock in the inventory page


Add shipping days in the shipping class

Select the attribute and add it, more attribute will get more orders.

Click “Add Product” for review, if everything is correct, we will approve it and starting to sell online. If something wrong, we will contact you and show you how to make change.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How to add a variant product” el_id=”1524947046568-a233cf9e-abdc”]Select “Variable product”

Add SKU of product

Add shipping day in the shipping class


Add multi-attribute values and select “Used for variations”

Click the button “Go”

If the product has the same price for all colors, just click one time “Go” and enter the price

If the product has 3 different prices for 3 different color, just click 3 times on the button “Go” > click Expand > select the color for each and enter a different price for each item.

Click “Add product” for review[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How to sell better my products” el_id=”1524947703281-3c6a8426-4198″]

  • Add important words for the product title and with a maximum of characters possible.
  • Add a short product description for the item to let the buyer understand quickly the item.
  • Add more information possible on the product description include presentation, composition, size chart……
  • Select multicategories and tags.
  • Upload professional images, removing the background of the image. This looks absolutely beautiful when displaying products online and makes the product page completely seamless and clean for a potential customer to navigate.
  • Offer free shipping, most customers are looking for free shipping only.
  • Information shipping detail. Shipping fee is one of the things that can make or break a sale.  The product has the shipping and handling fees are the number one factor in cart abandonment.  Having shipping information listed directly on your product detail page or description can be particularly beneficial.
  • Answer quickly if the buyer asks you a question about the item.
  • Add more attribute for the item possible, this can help more exposure to the product visibility.
  • Add variant image for each different style. Using variant images can be extremely beneficial for the item. Not only does it let you show other angles of your item, but you can include functioning product shots to give your potential customers an idea of how it looks like in different angles.
  • Keep all product in stock, and disable the item sold out.
  • Ask the buyer to leave a review after purchase, customer generated reviews will increase conversion rates of 200% for your store.
  • Share product on your social account like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram. This is extremely clever as it can help promote and get more orders for your item across different platforms.


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