Where to see northern lights in Canada

Where to see northern lights in Canada: Best Camping in Canada

Northern Lights Canada. Where to see northern lights in Canada? Are you like Northern Lights Camping? Camping is an engaging activity that you can do in Canada, whatever the season is. This country provides plenty of campgrounds situated near mountains and lakes. These campsites are also excellent locations to perform several outdoor adventures, from hiking and mountain climbing to road tripping.

Other than being home to numerous campgrounds, Canada is also visited for the famous aurora borealis. This spectacular light display is a natural phenomenon that is visible in many parts of Canada. You can level up your camping experience while doing fun activities under the northern lights.

Northern Lights Camping. When to Go Camping Under the Northern Lights.

Best camping in Canada

Unlike many places in the world, Canada is ideally situated for watching and photographing the beautiful green, red, and purple light streaks of the aurora borealis. If you want to witness this majestic display at its finest, it is essential to know when can you see the northern lights in Canada. Listed below are the different seasons in Canada and your odds of viewing this magical phenomenon:

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Northern lights: Winter

Wintertime in Canada happens from December to February. It is the best season to see the aurora borealis because the days are shorter, and the nights are darker, making it easier for you to camp to see the northern lights. Go camping during this time of the year to have the highest chance of viewing the spectacular camp northern lights show.

You may spend your camping days in Whitehorse in Yukon or Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. These winter destinations provide excellent spots for camping while seeing the green auroras.

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If you are planning to go camping in March, April, and May, then you will also get the chance to see the northern lights. However, the chances of watching them get lower in the spring season. It is because springtime can bring rain and cloudy skies. It is recommended to choose northern lights campgrounds with little light pollution to get the best view. Light pollution refers to unwanted outdoor lighting caused by artificial lights, which can be seen in the city lights.

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This season has the longest days, giving you very little chance of viewing the auroras. Camping during the summer will provide you with fewer opportunities to witness the enchanting light display. If you want to see the dazzling camp northern lights, you may avoid camping in June, July, and August.

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Autumn in Canada happens from September to November. Since it is the time when the days become shorter, you will get the chance to see the auroras as early as September. You may start planning your camping trip in the autumn season.

Where to see northern lights in Canada

Where to see northern lights in Canada

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Where to see the northern lights in Canada

You can see the northern lights in Canada city like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and more cities.

It is crucial to have a well-made plan for your Northern Lights Camping trip, from choosing the best location to packing everything you need; a camping essentials list will be very helpful. When picking your campsite, try to look for the available amenities and services to determine what items are needed in the northern lights campground.

Prepare all the must-have gear and equipment, from tents and hammocks to camp tables and chairs. Where in Canada can you see the northern lights? For aurora borealis sighting, here are some of the best northern lights camping destinations that you may want to visit:

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Where can you see the northern lights in Canada: Alberta

With plenty of protected lands and parks, Alberta is one of the leading provinces where you can camping to see the northern lights. It is home to a lot of national and provincial parks, which are great travel destinations.

Try to camp in one of the two Dark Sky Preserves in Alberta, Elk Island National Park. You may also visit Fort McMurray or Jasper National Park, which offers camping and photography opportunities.

Another great aurora destination in the province of Alberta is Wood Buffalo National Park. However, traveling here could be quite challenging because it is a remote area. You may take a road trip into the Northwest Territories to reach an entrance if you want to visit the park.

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Northern lights Canada: British Columbia

If you want to camp in the western province, then you may choose British Columbia for your camping trip. You may go to MacDonald Park Dark Sky Preserve to witness the atmospheric activity. This place is the best spot for aurora sighting that is near to Vancouver. For better chances of seeing the green light streaks, you may head to Muncho Lake Provincial Park.

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Northern lights Canada: Manitoba

As mentioned earlier, winter is the best time to view the auroras. Manitoba offers an excellent northern lights camping location that is accessible in this season. You may camp at Churchill to have great views of the northern lights. Not only that, but this town is also home to many of Canada’s polar bears, which are perfect for wildlife and camping photography.

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Canada northern lights: Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a Canadian province that provides excellent scenes of the coastlines. If you want to camp near water bodies, then the Kejimkujik National Park could be your best destination. Canoeing, fishing, and kayaking are some of the fascinating adventures that you can enjoy in the morning. Have a magical experience as you go stargazing and northern lights sighting as the skies become darker. You may expect a beautiful view of the green lights on this historic site.

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Northern lights Canada: Ontario

Ontario is one of the most populated Canadian provinces. It is where you can also see numerous buildings and structures. Although Ontario is admired for its urbanity, there are still available dark sky destinations in this province.

Where in Canada can you see the northern lights

Where in Canada can you see the northern lights

If you want to camp near a lake, then you may head to Thunder Bay. You may enjoy seeing the northern lights, which are reflected in the water from the lake. If you prefer camping in a park, then you may visit Gordon’s Park Dark Sky Preserve, which is located on Manitoulin Island. The other parks in Ontario where you can see the aurora borealis camping include Bruce National Park and Point Pelee National Park.

Aside from the places mentioned above, there are still many great aurora destinations that you can explore in other Canadian provinces. You may prefer a location near you or find a remote area where you can have a relaxing camping experience. No matter which campground you pick in northern lights camping Canada, you will surely enjoy an unforgettable camping experience under the spellbinding aurora borealis camping.

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