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Why The Pistol Crossbow Is Best For Modern-Day Hunting

The pistol crossbow adds a new dimension to how people hunt. Instead of using the riffles and other conventional tools, people are now becoming more interested in hunting with this pistol-like crossbow. Yes, pistol-like because it looks like one. Find out you can benefit from the pistol crossbow for hunting for games.

What is the Pistol crossbow meant for?

Hunting is fun and is one activity shouldn’t be demanding. In other words, you don’t need to spend so much energy to cock your hunting tool or travel with a weapon that will make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why hunters like the pistol crossbow. It is easy to cock, lightweight, and portable. Meaning you can hike down into the woods or any way to take down your target.

Another exciting thing about the pistol crossbow, especially the likes of the Prophecy Pistol Crossbow is the size. It is something that you can travel over a long distance without inconveniencing yourself. This pistol crossbow is also very powerful and can shoot crossbow bolt at an incredible speed and range.

The pistol crossbow is also not like the full-size crossbow. It is small in size and very easy to cock. In other words, you don’t need to put more energy to fire crossbow bolts to take down your target. Meaning, you can shoot plenty of crossbow bolts within a short period, unlike the full-size crossbow.

Other things make pistol crossbows like Prophecy unique. It is not only semi-automatic but has a draw weight of 80 pounds. The high-quality wood-feel aluminum stock also adds value to this powerful pistol crossbow. The same thing goes for the bead foresight and adjustable rear sight.

So what is the pistol crossbow used for?

If you are interested in hunting small game, then the pistol crossbow will make an excellent choice. The products look small in size, but powerful enough to take out small games from a reasonable distance.

Another amazing thing you can use the bow for is for target practice. It can add a new dimension to your practice session and help you improve your accuracy and confidence. So, even if you are also planning to use the full-size crossbow, you would have experienced some improvement.

The proper way of using the pistol crossbow

The pistol crossbow is the same as using a full-size crossbow or other conventional bows. To take that hunter shot and avoid spending so much time trailing the animal via its blood, you have to move as close to your target as possible.

Talking about getting close to your target, you need to realize that pistol crossbows have lower draw weight. So, it’s best to stay at least 20 yards away from the game before releasing your shot.

Also, when aiming at your target with a pistol crossbow, target the sweet spot, which includes the lungs and heart. Even if the animal’s skin is hard, the crossbow bolt should be able to penetrate and cause damage to these vital organs.


If you are hunting small game, the pistol crossbow can help you up your game. It is such a portable hunting item that you can use for an extended period or carry out wherever you plan to go hunting. Plus it is also easy to operate and understand. Beginners can start hunting out of the box.

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