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Longbows: Simple Tips For Successful Hunting

The traditional longbows are a unique piece of hunting product, forged centuries ago. But even though we now have modern versions, they still retain the concept of the olden day’s archers. And, as a modern-day archer, adding a longbow to your collection will be a wise decision. Longbows are useful in many ways. And they are also very simple to learn and master. Get tips to hunt with a longbow like a pro.

Facts about the modern longbows

Longbows and recurves are the two basic kinds of traditional bows. But the former remains the oldest regarding design and use. Longbows have been around for ages. But even though the modern-day longbows retain almost all the features seen in the early ones, they have gone through quite some advancement and fine-tuning, regarding their geometry, which has a massive impact on their performances.

However, longbows are called that owing to their length. They can be as long as 72 inches. But most modern-day longbows are usually in the range of 68 inches or lesser. They may also have more reflex, straight-limbed or be both reflex and deflex in their limb area.

Regarding weight, longbows are not much of a challenge. They are lightweight and can be transported over a long distance. But have in mind that weight differs concerning the material (wood) used for construction. And even though there are myriads of bow makers all over the place, finding a good quality bow is not much of a challenge.

Things you can use the longbows for

Hunting is the first things that come to mind when people think of the uses of the longbows. But besides hunting, this sporting item can be used for target practice. The longbows offer a new challenge that is different from the use of guns or other hunting product.  But you don’t need to be a professional to make a hunt using a longbow.

Tips to consider when hunting with a longbow

If you are planning to hunt using primitive equipment, then its best you find bows built with adequate poundage before hitting the woods. If you are interested in deer-hunting, for instance, then your bow should be of reasonable draw weight. One with a draw weight of 45 pounds or more will be suitable.

But buying a bow with high draw weight is not the issue. You must be able to shoot it accurately before purchasing one. Another thing to consider is about broadhead selection and arrows shaft material.

You can use steel broadheads, stone points on a bamboo arrow, but the most important thing has the skills to use the equipment. However, the reason why many archers prefer the single bevel steel broadheads is that it can rotate after penetrating the game, so you won’t have much work to do trailing the animal.


Longbows will offer you a new hunting experience. Plus it is not that difficult to shoot. And regarding weight, they are lighter than compound bows, meaning you can transport them to any location you want. The longbows can bring down your target at a distance of 30 yards or more. And with constant usage, you will get better hunting with this hunting item.

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