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Importance of scents & attractions

Hunting is not a matter of joke. It requires a lot of preparation for the hunters. This is a real risky task that needs a lot of preparation. Even a small thing can be dangerous for them. Scents & attractions are something that every hunter’s need and there is a huge availability of such type of products.

Some deer and other game desensitize the human smell and venture to the residential areas or farmhouses and even they can understand the presence of the hunters as well. So the hunter’s best defense is to have no human fragrance and a good cover with the best use of scents & attractions.

Fragrance control of a hunter starts with his body and his deodorant. Washing hair and body properly with a fragrance-free soap that comes with the antibacterial properties can be the first step for them. Any type of fragrance or scent in the soap will be carried on the body and it is not natural for a hunter or any other human being.  A bacterium on our bodies makes a pungent smell that is commonly known to people as “Body Odor”.

How to smell down while hunting

Antibacterial soaps are good option to help keep the smell down. There are plenty of products available on the market including soaps, shampoo, deodorant, and lotions that are scent free as well as designed with scent controlling properties, specifically for the hunter and the outdoor enthusiasts.

Never use perfume or cologne with heavy scents before hunting, as these fragrances reek to the game animals. Clothing must be cared properly and washed with laundry soap such as borax that will never add scents to the clothes and does not have the UV brighteners.

These UV brighteners make even good camouflage glow like a lantern to the eyes of many game animals such as deer.

There are detergents designed for the hunter as well as the dryer sheets with cover scents that impregnate hunter’s clothing with a cover scent.

After laundering it is also important to place the hunting clothes in a scent free bag, so your house smells like smoke, pets or food smells cannot permeate the clothing. Nothing beats a good pair of rubber boots to avoid smells coming from footwear.

There are many scents & attraction that available in the market and these products are enough efficient to meet the needs of the hunters and these products are best to create a camouflage for the hunters.

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