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Decoys and its uses

Most of the deer hunters have not yet mastered the art of the decoying.  In fact, most of the deer hunters haven’t even given it a try. Hunting with decoys is not at all new. Duck and goose hunters have an idea of the effectiveness of decoys for many years. Turkey hunters and the predator hunters also have jumped on the bandwagon of that.

For the hunters, it is the first step to select the type that they would like to use. Almost all the deer decoys fall into two or one categories. There are the flat two dimensional ones and the full body three-dimensional items.

Flat two-dimensional

These are quite easy to carry and even very easy to faster set up. But they sometimes lack the realistic look that necessary to bring the deer consistently into the bow range.

While full-body items

These are quite bulky and inconvenient for storing and quite tough to carry but the realistic look can outweigh any of the inconvenience. Most manufacturers are making the full-bodied items that are easier to store, easy to carry and transport. They are becoming more users friendly these days.

Uses of decoys

  • Choosing the overall right location to use the item is very essential. Using on the field edges gives you the potential of bringing the deer quickly from distance.
  • Using them in dense thickets is not at all important since the deer will be in the shooting range before it would ever see the decoys.
  • Just as important as your location, it is important to keep in mind the specific placement of your decoy. If the decoy placed wrong the incoming deer may move downwind to face it and during the process, the deer may catch your scent.
  • If you are right hands you need place the item about 20 yards out and to the left of the stand, place it broadside to your exact position and lightly downwind. This is just the perfect set up to give you the good opportunity to bring a buck in upwind and present a broadside shot.
  • The scent-controlling matter is more important to consider while hunting with them. Most of the items are made of the injection molded plastic and don’t hold the scent. Oils from the hunter’s hand can be transferred to them and the deer can smell it. You can use the scent eliminating spray after setting it up or can wear the clean latex gloves while setting it up.
  • Most of the items are made of removable antlers so that it can be set properly with a foe or buck.
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