Crossbow Waxes & Lubes

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Crossbow wax and lubes

Keep your crossbow working

Crossbows experience a lot of friction and an unpredictable environment when in action and seem to wear out with time. And that is why a crossbow should be kept and cared very often for them to last longer.

To keep them in a working and a good condition crossbow wax and lubes are used on its different parts as these parts can wear out or lose their intensity with time. Moreover, these parts can also hurt you or injure you if they’re not properly working and are not maintained properly.

Hunters often neglect their bows but to keep the edges, cables, and strings sharp the crossbows also need constant attention and maintenance.

Crossbow wax

Wax is used to keep the strings and cables in a good and sharp working condition or they can give up too soon on shooting an arrow. But always keep in mind to use a good quality of wax as a bad one can make the strings and cables more smooth making it almost impossible to shoot the arrow.

Give your bow a very good and thorough cleaning to keep it in a good shape and keep enjoying the game for a long time.

Crossbow lubes

Lubes too make it possible for your bow to live for a long time considering you use a good quality one and make sure not to overuse it. Lubes work wonder in reducing wear and tear as one or two drops of lubes are enough for the bow to work well.

Get your hands on a lube which does not make the strings slippery so that you don’t end up missing your target.

Use wax and lubes often

Wax and lubes can be used every 6 months to make sure that your bow is not losing its edge. To keep yourself and your bow from missing the target wax and lubes should be used almost twice or maximum thrice a year.

You can also find a wax which is scent free, non-toxic and non-flammable so that it doesn’t end up playing with your health everytime you take your bow out.

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