Crossbow Quivers

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Crossbow quivers

Crossbow and its history

Crossbows might have been developed now but they’ve been in use for hundreds of years. They’ve taken many a form since their first primitive design and have now been added with new and improved accessories.

In history, crossbows have mostly been used by hunters but in today’s times, they’re also a very popular sport in national and international games. Archers are passionate about this game and new accessories make it even more interesting.

What is Crossbow quivers?

A Crossbow is a heavy item in itself and when it comes to carrying the necessary set of bolts a hunter would very much like to avoid it and this is where quiver comes into the play.

Crossbow quiver is the bags which holds the reusable bolts that the crossbow uses during firing a shot. Quivers helps a hunter in carrying the set of bolts which are needed without actually adding extra weight on his or her back.

Advantages of using a quiver

A quiver not only provides less added weight but also gives easy and comfortable movement, ease of loading the bolts that are being carried, ease of accessibility and increases the overall experience of hunting and arrow firing.

Types of quivers

Crossbow quivers make up for an important part of the shooting and firing of an arrow. And since no two bolts are same, their quivers are different too.

There are various types of quivers available such as dovetail quiver, side quiver, detachable quiver, canvas quiver and a few other types as well.

If you’re left-handed or are gifted to use both the hands, you can pick up a quiver bracket that allows its attachment to be mounted on any of your sides to make you feel more comfortable.

Make your hunting experience easy and comfortable

Quivers provide easy movement for you to change the bolts pretty easily without having to get distracted. They also come in different shapes and designs.

Make your next hunting trip hassle free and use a quiver of your choice. So, get out there and give your arrow shooting skills a better movement.

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