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Crossbow strings and cables

Crossbow and it’s essential parts

Equip your crossbow with the best parts and make it more efficient and precise.

Accessories make the crossbow a more easy equipment to use but they sure add more weight to the bow. But there are a few parts present in this equipment which are essential and cannot be replaced and two of them are cables and strings.

Strings are what makes the arrow go and fly over to the target. Without strings crossbow’s existence would be same as humankind without oxygen, which means it wouldn’t exist.

Cables make sure that that crossbows have an option to adjust themselves and change the firing power of the arrow. Cables reinforce the bows and make it more accurate and precise.


Strings of a bow go all the from its one end to another and are responsible for firing the arrow. The tighter it is the more useful but does not make it so tight that it becomes difficult to pull it back.

Crossbow strings are made of various materials and a high-quality one helps in determining the feet per second of the launched arrow.

Types of materials used to in making a strong and durable string are polyester, synthetic fiber, and natural fiber. All these materials increase the quality of the crossbow and it’s firing power. Attributing greatly to the bow’s performance, all these materials are strong but do not impart any harm to you.


Cables are the parts of a bow which are used to reinforce them and change the firing power. As they’re mostly made of steel they can stretch over time and can make it difficult to adjust the bow.

They come under essential parts of a bow and thus should be chosen carefully. It is best to go for cables which are durable and strong at the same time.

How often should you replace these important parts your bow?

It is recommended to replace your bow’s strings and cables every 2 to 3 years as they might stretch with time and will end up in decreasing your and your bow’s performance.

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