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Different types of bowfishing accessories

The interest for bow fishing is growing year after years. Accessories are very much important if you are very much fond of bow fishing. If you have a compound, re-curve bow already, you can add some parts to your bow. The popular manufacturers of the bow fishing accessories have made most of their items compatible with the standard pre-fabricated holes on your riser.

Quick list to cover the bowfishing accessories that you should have to hit the ground:

  • A dependable and durable reel
  • Bow
  • Arrow Rest
  • Bow fishing points
  • Bow fishing arrows


You should start with the reel.  The reel can make or break your trip if it fails. This is why. This it is better to deal with a branded but a retriever reel especially if you are just starting out because there will get no buttons to push to take the shot. Once you are more experienced, you can buy a standard fishing reel to mimic the similar effect. Fishing line that is anywhere from 80 pounds to 150 pounds is best to have in the reel.

Archery Bow

If you are interested in shooting in the bowfishing tournaments, then it is a good option for you to get a dedicated rig for the game. Most of the items that available in the market have a blue finish on them. There are also many trusted manufacturer who offers the best quality items to meet your purpose.

Arrow Rest

The arrow rest is the easiest choice to make.  You can get a brush rest or you can buy a twister arrow rest. The only thing that you need to keep in mind that heavier rests are not good for the game but you need to look for the durability of the product of course. Plastic is good, but aluminum or steel is always preferable to give the weight of the arrows.


Bow fishing points should be locked in proper place. The tempered stainless steel is a good option for the points. Check properly the size of your shafts so that you know the right point that will work. You also need to check the barbs.

When you are buying your arrows, you need to make sure that you will get something that comes with high visibility. These are different from archery bow arrows. That is the key reason that these arrows are white.

Having the best bowfishing accessories is a daunting task and you need good care to choose each piece of them.


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