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Types of bow quivers

A quiet but good quality archery quiver is indispensable if you are a bow hunter. For the hunter, there are four different types of the items available. Let’s check the four types of bow quivers and choose the right one as per your requirements.

Solid Mount:

The Solid Mount is permanently attached to the bows, and it holds the arrows at nearly middle of the bow that helps with the best balance of the bow. They are made very quiet with the suitable materials to keep the arrows from any type of rattling. These are very fast accessible and preferable for the Bowhunters who generally stalk their prey through the open fields.


This type of product is probably the trendiest and most preferable for the bow hunter. It attaches to your bow and can be removed easily through a quick release. The arrows can be properly drawn and as well shot with it still attached. This ability is good for the hunter as they get the option to remove it if they hunt in a tree stand or for blind. The detachable bow quivers can be purchased with the noise-dampening attachment or you can add them. It is imperative that it comes with a proper hood that will hold and securely protect the arrows.


The hip quiver is generally used by the people who prefer not to have his arrows attached to his bow in any such way. It usually has the option to attach to your belt and also as a strap to tie around the thigh. This option is good as it will not swing as you are walking, hunting or stalking. Removal of this type of item is easy and quick. They can be quite artistic in the look. In addition, you can add few accessories to protect the heads of the arrowheads and can stop any possible rattles that keep them from getting caught and also pulled out by the branches, limbs, and weeds.

Back Quiver:

The back quiver is one of the most recognizable items. You will get it in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be quite elaborate or can be very simple, and they are the favorite items of traditional bow hunters. This type also allows the hunters to reach behind easily and to retrieve his arrow. It is quite time-consuming for the hunters in practicing and properly adjusting to get the arrow out quickly and also without noise.

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