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Blowguns and its uses

Blowguns are not new in the market. There is no specific origin of the product. No one is also sure about it’s where about. Some of the historians claim that they originated in a second century Rome or China and some others claim that it is here from the Stone Age. This is an important item for hunting and now they are also for sports and paintball.

Facts to know

These items are made of the hollow skinny lightweight metal, wooden tube or plastic. Blow air into one end of it and a small dart or other projectile comes out the other end at a satisfactory speed. It is limited by the respiratory muscles of the user only.

The longer blowgun comes with the greater range and high speed but the harder is to hold it for extended periods of time. When you go for buying one, there are 18inch, 24inch, 36inch and 72-inch models available.

There is a specific type of blowguns that known as fukia in Japan and has been used by the Ninjas for a long time.

The length of the blowguns usually depends on several factors including the necessary air flow that needed to fire the dart effectively. If the hunter or the user has strong lungs, they can choose a longbow gun as it is possible for them to shoot a dart few inches into the wooden target.

There are the products that come with .40 caliber and precision manufactures with the seamless aircraft aluminum tubing. You may get a lifetime guarantee with the products. With some new technical advancement, it is possible to expect ranges over 250feet and can muzzle the velocities as high as 350 feet per second or more than that.

You can add the splatmatic accessories to turn your blowgun into the semi-automatic paintball delivery system.

Improvisation of the product

Today you can see many uses for the blowguns. Hunters can use them to hunt small game, and they are used all over the world to help to maintain the wildlife by delivering tranquilizer darts in the complete silence.

The animals can then be studied and released back into the wild. Also, for many people, this item can offer quite a challenging sport. With different darts to choose from such as soft-tip darts, stun darts, and even paintballs, blowguns offer a wide variety of sporting activities. There are several competition styles of the item practiced around the world.

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