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Arrow Rest

Got your bow, now get your accessory

Now, that you have a bow of your choice and you’re very keen on going ahead in the sport or on a hunting spree to shoot your target but you need to look for an arrow rest first and for that, you’ll first have to understand what it is.

A rest is the piece of the crossbow where you keep your launching item to be balanced before firing it. Apart from a string and curve that a traditional bow has, an added item on the bow helps to keep the arrow steady and balanced before it is fired to hit the target.

Why this arrow rest is needed?

Most of the traditional bows like recurve bow or a longbow give the minimum support that bow might need before you fire it but a bow like a compound crossbow is manufactured to be used with a rest.
The simple need of an arrow rest is to provide the needed balance, support and steadiness to the arrow that is otherwise not provided by a bow. This accessory makes sure that both the items are in sync and both are working together to hit the target.

Choose an arrow rest but plan it first

Before you go on your little adventure of choosing an accessory, you should consider the crossbow you’re using and which type will be perfect for your crossbow.

For a hunter, a rest should be able to withstand weather conditions, quick launch of the arrow and stalking the prey through the grown vegetation.

For an archer who’s is a sports enthusiast, you should mostly focus on the accuracy.

So, it is better to do your research before you jump on to buy a rest for your crossbow.

Categories of arrow rest

As arrow rests are mostly used for compound crossbows most of them are categorized into different styles of launcher style, containment style, drop away and many more.

All of the rests are mostly categorized into one of these categories and using any one of them would surely mean your win, in a hunter situation or a sports situation.

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