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Dry shrimp is basically a dried version of regular shrimp. The shrimp is mostly sun-dried using forced air drying units. It is also smaller, often the size of a thumbnail. Although traditionally the food has been used by humans, it has become quite a treat for pets too. Whether it’s a pet bird, reptile, or even fish, the food offers great nutritional benefits.

How the Product is Made

The shrimp planned for drying tends to be head-on, small, and fresh. The first steps are weighing and cleaning up. The shrimp is then sorted, and damaged ones are removed and discarded. The cleaned shrimp is then kept on ice before processing begins. The first step is boiling. The shrimp will also be salted evenly in the boiling water. Once it’s fully cooked, it will be air or sun-dried. This process takes between six to seven hours. Only salt is added to the final product. The concentration varies based on the desired flavor. Once the shrimp is dry, it’s packaged, labeled and shipped for sale.

Nutritional Information

Dried shrimp has the highest concretion of proteins. It features about 64% of crude protein. The shrimp also has 10.4% of fat and 9.5% crude fiber. It still has 10% moisture content even after the drying process. It is always advisable to rehydrate the shrimp too before you serve it to your pets. Just soak it in warm water for five minutes. This will make it easier for the pet to eat and swallow during feeding time.

It is also important to store dried shrimp in the fridge once the lid on the can is opened. Although the dryness is a preservation mechanism, the shrimp is still not immune to bacterial action. It can go bad very fast if not stored properly. The shelf life varies though based on how the shrimp has been processed. But some of the options available in the market will last a month or two. Just make sure they are stored in a cool and dry environment. You can buy the product online anytime too through our website. Try to choose meaty and tight shrimp, your pet will thank you.

Our shrimp is also 100% natural and organic. It is processed in a high standard facility to guarantee quality. Shipments are done within the shortest time possible and you are welcomed to order any amount you want.

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