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Cheap Dried Earthworms for Sale

Earthworms are nutritious treats that can be ideal for chickens, pet birds, reptiles, and fish. Our dried earthworms are non-GMO, they are 100% organic, and created in a safe and healthy process. Earthworms have traditionally been used to supplement organic poultry diets.

But in recent years they have also found their way in pet food around the world. It’s not hard to see why though. The worms offer the best source of insect-based protein. They contain between 60 and 70% protein. The worms also have 2-3% of essential minerals as well as a wide range of vitamins including niacin. Niacin helps ease digestion among animals and can also improve the nervous system.

How to Buy

You can buy dried earthworms online through our website. We offer to ship on all our products. You can buy in small or bulk quantities too if you want. Our products guarantee a number of things. First, the dried worms are 100% natural. They are organic with no additional chemicals or additives. The products are also packaged very well. No need for special shipping or special storage. The earthworms are quite easy to use. Just open the can, serve, and store the remaining ones in a cool and dry place. Shipping is also done within the shortest time possible.

How to Use

Once the earthworms are shipped to you, you will need to open one can at a time. The worms are often dried so there’s no movement. This means that they can easily be served in one single feeding dish. It’s advisable however to serve small quantities. As a matter of fact, only serve worms from the can that can be consumed by your pet or chicken in not more than ten minutes.

Replace the lead on the can once this is done and store in a cool place. Always serve one can at a time. Although sealed cans have a pretty long shelf life, opened ones will not last for that long. The sooner they are consumed the better. In most cases, dried earthworms are used as treats. They are not the main feeding source for chicken and pets. This can ensure the quantities you’ve bought last for a long time before needing another shipment.

Earthworms have one of the highest protein content of any insects out there. We have a very good product that will ensure your pets enjoy the benefits of these worms. Feel free to order today!

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