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Canned Mealworms for Sale

Mealworms are simply the larvae of the black beetle. These protein-rich worms are often used as nutritious treats for birds and chickens. They contain high levels of protein, essential fats, and water too. The worms also come with very high levels of collagen. Collagen is an important natural fiber that can help with bone and skin development among birds and even reptiles. Our canned mealworms are cooked in natural juices. You don’t need any extra preparation. Just open, serve, and you’re done. In case you have pet birds, reptiles, or chickens that love a taste of live insects, mealworms offer an easy and convenient alternative that still delivers the same nutritional value.

Qualities of Our Canned Mealworms

Our canned mealworms are manufactured through a very safe and high-quality process.

They come packed with the following features:

  • They are soft and moist so no big difference with the live ones
  • No special shipping or storage is needed once the order is made
  • They are a perfect substitute for frozen insects or foods served to your pets
  • The worms are also virus free, parasite free, and fungus free. They have no additives so it’s simply a pure product.
  • The product is full of calcium, vitamins, and other essential minerals to ensure your pet gets everything it needs.

Nutritional Information

Canned mealworms could be a perfect source of protein and water. The product contains 17.9% of protein and 68% water. The fat content is at 5.9%. Canned mealworms also contain at least 3.5% of fiber. All these nutrients are essential in the healthy development and growth of birds and reptiles.

How to Use

Once you have ordered our canned mealworms, it will be very easy to use. Start by removing the lid on the can. Using a spoon, serve the required amount of warm using a feeding dish. Close the lid and store the remaining worms in a cool and dry place. Repeat this process until you finish all the worms in the can.

Also, don’t forget to refrigerate the worms after opening. However, don’t keep opened worms in a freezer for more than 20 days. If unopened, the canned worms can last for at least three years. In that case, always ensure opened cans are consumed within the shortest time possible.

Canned mealworms are the ideal treats for pet birds or reptiles. Feel free to order your first shipment today on our site.

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