Blogger Program

Are you a blogger or influencers? Want FREE Stuff or GIVEAWAY Products To Review? Or earn service fee for the guest post? Join our Blogger Program now!

Do you have a website for sex toys, adult content, pets supplies, cell phone accessories and more products?

Just send us an email (jlw484@hotmail dot com) about yourself include your blog website page, then we will let you if you are qualified or not.

Get free products to the honest review or test of the quality of our items. Also, include your social media platform URLs in your email if you have it.

This is a good deal for blogger opportunities, and we hope to connect with bloggers to grow our business online.

Blogger or Social Media Policy

  1. REQUIREMENTS: Your blog must be related to the products and have some organic visitors. For social media account must be related to the product category and need at least 10 000 followers.
  2. SHARE PRODUCT OR PROMOTION: You can promote our products on your blog, social media account or add our promotions banner on your website. Also, you can promote products like content promotion or photos display.
  3. RESERVED RIGHTS: We may collect your photos or your content for general purposes. Also, we may use your content or photos on our social media account or display on our website If you don’t agree with those, please just inform us in advance.

That’s all!, It’s very easy, right? If you are ready to join our blogger program or social media program, please just send the email to us now!

Blogger Program

Blogger Program

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